How To Enjoy Sport Fishing In Los Suenos Costa Rica

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How To Enjoy Sport Fishing In Los Suenos Costa Rica

This is Costa Rica’s host bed for inshore or offshore fishing. Expect wonderful moments indulging in sport fishing in various locations throughout the year. The marina here hosts various annual fishing tournaments that attract hordes of people from across the world. When looking forward to enjoying a luxurious fishing tour, here are things you should know about enjoying Los Suenos sport fishing.

Los Suenos Resort and Marina

This is the first government-approved marina spread across 1,400 acres. It is 1 ½ hours away from San Jose and 5 minutes from Herradura Bay. Los Sueños marina is a full-service port with multiple luxury fishing boats and yachts. This marina has dry storage spaces accommodating vessels below 35 feet long. There are also 200 wet slips, fuel dock, 116 dry slips, and full-service staff. You can enjoy sport fishing 20 miles from this marina.  

The resort is on the Pacific side to offer an ideal luxury and hassle-free location for sport fishing. There is a range of luxurious accommodations fitted with modern amenities to host you on your fishing expeditions. Los Suenos resort has various amenities including:

     Beach club
     Private home
     Luxury condos
     18-hole golf course

Sportfishing at Los Suenos Resort and Marina

The waters in Costa Rica are filled with big game fish species including yellowfin tuna, dorado, and Pacific sailfish. There is also plenty of healthier billfish fisheries. Waters here are usually calm and just a short ride takes you to some of the country’s best big game fishing spots. When looking forward to enjoying memorable sport fishing experiences, book the best Los Sueños Resort and Marinaaccommodation.  

Expect to find an extensive charter fleet for offshore and inshore sportfishing. Look for a charter certified by the country’s Ministry of Tourism. Look forward to endless moments trying to catch big game fish on a fly rod or spinning road. Los Suenos offers the most consistent fishing throughout the year. It is no wonder that this location is a popular destination for the most passionate anglers in the world.  

How to enjoy sport fishing in Los Suenos  

Fishing charters  

Los Suenos has various fishing charters with a range of options including smaller 20 ft boats and 40 ft customized luxury yachts. Choice and size of charter determine the fishing hotspots to access. Fishing charters here travel about 15 to 40 miles offshore in search for fish species including:


How to choose a fishing charter

Making the most out of your fishing experience at Los Suenos requires knowledge about charter boats. For newbies, selecting an appropriate charter and crew is key to great deep-sea fishing. Larger charters take about 14 people and larger ones come with amenities including air conditioning, bunks, open flybridges, and appropriate gadgets to locate and find fish.  

Mid-size charters carry about 6 people and come equipped with fly reels, rods, switch stations, bathrooms, bait, and air conditioning. Everything is on the boat to give you a great fishing experience. Smaller charters carry 5 people and come with enough tack, shade cover, sounders, GPS navigator, outriggers, and bait wells. Not the best when it comes to comfort, smaller charters get the job done at a smaller budget.  

Leisure sport fishing  

Los Suenos charters offer some of the best offshore fishing. Additionally, look forward to endless moments catching inshore fishing for some of the best grouper, roosterfish, jacks, and snapper on the Pacific Ocean. This spot offers the best offshore fishing and inshore fishing throughout the year. The rock up-crops and outcrops with river mouths offer hunting grounds for inshore fishing excursions. This fishing doesn’t require high tech specialized equipment compared to offshore fishing. Look forward to a challenging and exciting experience.  

Fishing tournaments

You can become one of the hordes of people who flock Los Suenos annually to take part in the various sportfishing tournaments. Expect to catch about 15 sailfish or more on a single during an offshore fishing expedition. There is the Billfish tournament, one of the most prestigious and competitive in the world.  

Between January and March, there is the three-leg Triple Crown tournament at Los Suenos Marina. It is not too late to book participation in this nine-day event. Between early and mid-April, look forward to the Offshore World Championship. This four-day event takes place at Pez Vela Marina, Quepos. Los Suenos also hosts the Ladies Angler Tournament that debuts in January.   

Wrapping up

When planning a trip to Costa Rica, look forward to indulging in sport fishing. Los Suenos Resort and Marina offers endless opportunities to enjoy this challenging activity with access to luxury accommodation. There are various ways to enjoy sport fishing including boat charters and taking part in world-famous tournaments.