How to erase watermark from Protected pdf files?-[Solved]

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How to erase watermark from Protected pdf files?-[Solved]

You can erase watermark from pdf files quickly. You will face problems when it is protected. This blog describes all the easiest and best methods that will help you clear your watermark from the password-protected pdf file. You can take any method in use to solve your issue or problem. Some are given by professionals and some are manual. Both ways are free to use. The professional method is free because It provides a demo version to use that’s why it is free.

Best Methods to Erase Watermark from Protected PDF Files

There are different methods that can help you to erase watermark from protected pdf files. Some are manual methods and professionals and technical experts give some. Professionals use automated tools to solve the issue that is generated. Tools are much easier than manuals for those who do not have any type of knowledge about computers or are not experts in machines.

#1. Use Google Drive To Erase Watermark from Protected PDF File

This manual method is provided by Google Drive to erase watermark from protected pdf files. It is free to use. You can clear easily the watermark with this method. It is the safest method to clear any type of background from pdf files as compared to online methods.

Follow the given steps to use this method.
  1.  Log in to Google Drive with existing Gmail.
  2.  Select the Protected PDF file which you want to print.
  3.  Upload the selected file in Google Drive.  
         Steps to upload PDF file in Google Drive
  1. Open your Drive.
  2. Go to the “New” option and select “File upload” from the dropdown.
  3. Select the PDF file which you want to upload to Google Drive.
  4. Click on the Open option to upload, It will show you the notification.
  1.  Do right-click on the Protected PDF file which you want to print.
  2. Select the “Open With” option and go to “Google Docs” as the opening platform for the pdf file from that you want to erase background text. 
  3. Save that pdf file after opening it in Docs from the print option or hitting Ctrl+P.

Your pdf file is ready without restriction if it has and without watermarks. 

#2. Use Online Method to Erase Background Text from PDF Files

Online methods are those methods that can do any task at that particular time without time waste. You can easily erase watermark from protected pdf files without any interruption. Just open a website and upload select the appropriate option that will perform the task or job of clearing the watermark. Download the updated pdf from the download option. 

There is one problem with this method, your data information in the pdf file is not secure because when it performs the job it synchronises the data to its server and your information is not yet private. You applied a watermark and protection to secure data from unwanted sharing and access.

In my vision, online methods are not safe in any condition. You can use them when there is no way to do any job and you have to complete it.

Follow the steps for using online methods to erase watermark. For online methods, the steps are approximately the same for every site.

Step 1. Open any browser.

Step 2. Search for similar sites according to your need.

Step 3. Open that site and select the pdf file on which you want to perform any job or task.

Step 4. Download after the process is complete from the “Download” option.

Your pdf file is updated and present in the file manager.

Note:- Manual methods are applicable when you have some countable like 2 or 3 pdf files to remove watermark because it takes much time. If you have pdf in bulk then use the professional method.

#3. Use the Automated tool to erase watermark from protected pdf files

Systools provided this Watermark Remover Tool. It is an automated tool that can make your job easy to erase watermark. It has different facilities like bulk file added, destination change, print without change, preview system and etc. It provides a demo version. The demo version of using this tool is free to use.

Follow the given steps that are given below to complete your job of easing the watermark from password-protected pdf files.
  1. Download and run the application on your computer system.
  2. Log in with the existing Gmail.
  3. Add files and folders that have any type of background text or watermark in them.
  4. Choose Save or Print present on the screen according to your need. If you want to print without saving then choose the Print option otherwise choose the Save option to only save.
  5. Choose the destination location where you need your updated pdf files.
  6. Click the Remove option to erase watermark from pdf files.

You will get a notification and report after the completion of the job.

Note:- If you are not able to compete your job then use the advance mode of this tool. Advance mode will do all the jobs simultaneously and easily.


In this blog, you saw different methods to erase watermark from protected pdf files. All methods work according to their way and every method has its own pros and cons You can follow any of the methods according to your need and expertise. In my way, the Automated tool is best when you have pdf in bulk to remove the watermark. The manual method is useful when you have 2 or 3 pdf files. In the end, the online method may be used in an emergency.