How To Market Your Mobile App With Video Marketing?

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How To Market Your Mobile App With Video Marketing?

If you have an app, there pretty much chances of new people trying it out. But what’s the secret recipe to making a lot of people trying out your app? Well, it’s an app video. But why video? Well, here are some reason that would answer this question. 

-An app video is good for branding. If you present to them a crafty, informative video around your app, they will remember your brand. That’s surely an achievement. 

-It helps in SEO as YouTube is now the largest search engine after Google. With millions of people viewing videos every day, there are chances of you getting massive views. 

-It is one of the best ways to connect with your customers. The existing and the new ones. Because video is one thing that they will consume in no time. 

With that being said, let’s have a look at the ways to market your mobile app through video marketing. 

1. Try out various video platforms:

Platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and alike ones have an extended reach. Upload your app video on these platforms. In fact, upload the video on all possible video platforms, it won’t hurt. Choose an apt title for the video, that includes keywords. Choose thumbnail wisely. And do not forget to add an appropriate video description. It helps in SEO. Many platforms offer search option even for description. 

2. Company platforms:

Make sure that you have placed your video on all your social media handles and the company website as well. This is considered as inbound marketing. Share it with your community on Facebook, and any other platform. Hire a mobile app explainer video maker company and they will deliver you a well-crafted video. Better the videos, higher the reach and more of the people watching it. 

3. Reach out to people with an audience:

Journalists, bloggers and influencers have plenty of audiences. And guess what, they also have the time to view your app and use it. And review it. That’s exactly what you want. People trying out and reviewing the app. 

4. Cross Promotion:

If you have an different things to promote, go for cross promotion, It’s nothing but promoting one thing via another. For example, promote your service through the app, promote the app through a video, promote the video through social media. And the circle goes on. This way, you’d be able to promote yourself, your brand, and app more effectively. You can also promote the video in form of video ad. They have been trending for a while now. 

5. Pitch:

If you really want to make business with your app, pitch it for the awards, clients, contests or anything that’s relevant. Firstly, it will make your app visible and secondly, you will have the chances to win. For pitching your app, of course you will need a promo or demo video. Maybe a mobile app explainer video. Get it done. You can also opt for live demo app videos, they really prove to be very effective. Get a neat video and you’d know what magic it can do to your app. 

Summing it up, the sooner you opt for marketing your app through a video, the better you would be able to reap the benefits. Not to forget, your app is just like any other product. It will need marketing, and a reach to perform well. Going by the facts, apps that have adapted video marketing for promotion have been able to grab attention for a great number of people. Video is the most firsthand thing you can offer as a form of promotion and it simply works. Understand your visitor’s needs, mention a call to action, and provide the with an apt solution. You’ll be good to go.