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How to Mute / Unmute Someone on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media apps. It has millions of users and thousands of people join Instagram on a daily basis. Instagram is not only an entertainment app but a lot of people are also earning through Instagram. Earning on Instagram depends on the number of followers and their active participation in your posts. 

Many of us have followed a number of people and when their unnecessary stories and posts appear on your feed you feel annoyed. If you don't want to see Instagram posts or stories of a particular person that you are following on Instagram but you don’t want to unfollow that person too then Instagram has introduced a new feature that allows the people to mute someone on Instagram instead of Unfollowing them. Unfollowing someone on Instagram is very rude and people feel low about themselves if you block them.

It is the safest way to avoid people who you don't like much. One thing is very important that muting someone doesn't mean that they will not be able to see your posts too but muting someone only means that only their content will not appear on your feed. Therefore you should be very clear that this option is just for avoiding other posts on Instagram.

Instagram allows you to mute someone’s posts as well as the stories too. There are different methods for muting someone’s stories and posts. Let’s discuss them both in detail.

 How to Mute Instagram Posts or Video Posts 

Instagram allows you to mute a specific person’s post and video posts so that they no longer appear on your home page. You just have to follow some simple steps if you want to mute someone on Instagram. 

Steps to Mute Someone’s Posts on Instagram 

  • In the first step, you have to log in to your Instagram account 

  • The second step is to navigate to your home feed by tapping the home icon that is present in the bottom menu and find the posts of the user that you want to mute on Instagram. 

  • After this tap on the three dots that are present on the top right of the user’s post. 

  • Once you tap on these dots a list of options will appear in front of you.

  • Tap on the mute option from the list.

  • To confirm it tap on the option mute posts. 

  • The person’s posts will disappear from your feed immediately after doing this. Hence you will not see his posts again on your feed. 

Muting someone on Instagram will allow you to feel less overwhelmed by all the fake content that you have to look at if you are following a large number of users on Instagram. Therefore muting someone on Instagram is the best way to avoid all the unnecessary posts.

How to Mute Someone’s Instagram stories

The Instagram mute feature is very handy for a number of reasons because by muting someone you will be able to stop seeing stories about an ongoing event until it is over. It's very annoying when people keep on posting stories about their wedding, vacation, etc. You have to follow these simple steps to mute someone's stories on Instagram.

Steps to Mute Someone’s Stories on Instagram

Instagram stories views at the top of your feed. They appear in the form of horizontal profile bubbles. Some people update each and everything that is happening in their life on their stories. So here’s how you can mute them.

  • First, you have to log in to your Instagram account.

  • Next, you will go to your home feed by tapping the home icon that is available at the bottom menu.

  • Now find the story of the user that you want to mute or that you don’t want to see in your feed.

  • Once you find out that user then tap and hold the user profile bubble for a few seconds

  • You will see a list of options in front of you.

  • Tap on the mute option.

  • To confirm it, tap again on the mute story option.

  • The user’s stories will not appear in your home feed.

The user whose story you have muted his profile will turn transparent and will be shifted to the end of your stories feed. This is how you mute someone’s stories on Instagram. It is really easy and doesn’t require much time.

 Sometimes you mute someone on Instagram temporarily just to avoid their posts and stories for some time only. You can unmute them on Instagram too.


How to Unmute Someone on Instagram

You can unmute someone on Instagram from their profile directly. You just have to follow these simple steps to unmute someone on Instagram. 

Steps to Unmute Someone on Instagram

The steps to unmute someone on Instagram are mentioned below

  • The first step is to log in to your Instagram account from your mobile.

  • After this search for the person’s profile who you have muted on Instagram.

  • Open their profile and tap on the follow button.

  • You will see an option of unmuting the user.

  • Tap on the unmute button.

  • Now you can see their posts and stories again on your feed.

You can also keep a check on how many people you have muted on Instagram. To find it go to your own profile by tapping on your profile icon. Next, tap on the menu icon and go to settings. Once you open it tap on privacy. You will see a number of options in front of you. Tap on muted accounts and you will see all the accounts that you have muted on Instagram. In this way, you can find out how many accounts you have muted and you can unmute people if you have muted them accidentally.