How to pass the Common-Law Aptitude Test (CLAT)?

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How to pass the Common-Law Aptitude Test (CLAT)?

If you are interested in becoming a lawyer, then you must take the Common Law Aptitude Test. After passing this test, you can enter the five years integrated law course at the end of which you will get the LLB degree which will allow you to practice law (after clearing the bar exam). On the other hand, if you have a job and do not have enough time to dedicate for a three-year course in which you have to attend formal classes every day, then you can opt for the LLB correspondence course.There are many universities that offerLLB distance education in Delhi, which gives you the opportunity to go through the course at your convenience. The amazing thing about this mode of studies that it also allows you to get an LLM through the distance education which will increase your chances of landing a lucrative job significantly.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the campus life of the law college and have the time to attend formal classes, then you must clear the CLAT exam. If you want to study law after passing the CLAT exam, but are not sure what to expect in this highly competitive exam, then you should go through this article where you will get some points that will help you understand the basic requirements of this exam and how to clear it through determination and hard work.

1).Go through the syllabus carefully: The first and the most important tip in clearing the CLAT exam is to know the syllabus clearly. This will allow you to know the marking scheme and how to divide your time amongst various subjects so that you can get the most marks. It has been found out that students spend a lot of their time going through the maths and logical reasoning subjects. This leaves very little time for other subjects which affects their overall score adversely. Therefore, understand the syllabus and study smartly.

2).Focus on logical thinking: The students should know about the fundamental concepts on which laws are made and then use logical skills to apply them in any real-life situation. During this exam, the students are tested for their ability to merge their theoretical knowledge about basic laws with their ability to use it in a practical scenario.

3).General knowledge: GK is a very important subject in this exam and carries a lot of weightage. You should thoroughly revise subjects like sports, science, literature, arts, geography, and history. Additionally, you must have some ideas regarding any major changes that may have happened in the Indian Constitution or even the Justice system. It is important that you read the newspaper daily so that you keep yourself updated about the current affairs.

4).Time management: This is a very important part that you must look at carefully if you want to pass the CLAT exam. You should have a study plan that you must follow. While making the study plan, try to keep it flexible so that you can change the timing or which subject to read.

5).Mock tests: Mock tests are important if you wish to test yourself regarding your preparation. If you want to clear the exam, then it is important that you should clear at least 8 to 10 mock papers before you take the actual exam. These mock tests will give you the confidence in yourself as well as allow you to find out in which subjects you are lagging. Once you understand your weak points, then you can focus more energy on it.

6).Selecting the right questions: In this exam, all the options carry equal marks, so you can start with any section which you find easy. This will give you more confidence as you solve more questions which will have a positive impact on your overall score. Do not waste your time on a single question, but if the time permits, then come back to it and try to solve it.

If you follow these steps, then there is a greater chance that you will be able to crack this very demanding entrance exam and enter the law college for a great career in this profession.