How to relocate your Bahrain art studio

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How to relocate your Bahrain art studio

Bahrain has many galleries with stunning art pieces. If you are owning an art studio in Bahrain and need to relocate it fast and efficient, how to do it without damaging your artwork? To relocate your Bahrain art studio, there are some steps you should take before the final moving day. Having help is essential, as well as having tips.

First of all, you need to find a new location in Bahrain for your art studio. A place that gives you inspiration. After finding the perfect one, you can start preparing in order to avoid moving scams and mistakes.

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Hiring a company to relocate your Bahrain art studio

You have two options – to hire professionals to move your items, or to DIY. The first solution is safer for your artwork and also, it will be much faster. Don’t take a risk with your art, you invested too much time and money, and even minimal damage can be fatal.

Four Winds Bahrain is one of the companies that may relocate all your art pieces safely. Experts know how to protect your items, and if you need to relocate on short notice, they will do it fast. If you are moving on short notice, hiring them is even more important.

Take an inventory

Before start packing, take a detailed inventory of your art studio. Decide what goes and what stays. Especially take an inventory of your art. If something is missing, you will know exactly what. This will help you stay organized. After moving, unpack all your items and follow your list.

An artist making something to illustrate how to relocate your Bahrain art studio

If you have a big art business, this step is even more important. It is like taking an inventory in a store.

Packing art studio – tips

Packing is the key. Of course, if you don’t want to pack all the items by yourself, you can always hire professionals. But if you want to save money, you can pack by yourself. Art needs special attention during relocation, special attention during packing and during transporting too.

  • Secure flat filesby rolling and storing them into cardboard tubes. These tubes are cheap, so buy as many as you need. It is the best way to keep your flat files safe during relocation.
  • Protect canvassesand framed artwork (paintings, prints, etc.) and find special material for wrapping them. To relocate your Bahrain art studio safely, stretch wrap is useful. Also, create an X across the glass with tape, this will protect the glass from breaking.
  • Forceramics, pottery, and sculptureswooden crates are the safest way to move them from point A to point B. you can order custom crates for more protection, but that is more expensive.
  • Brushes, paints, bottles and other art supplies also need to be packed and moved to a new studio. By using stretch wrap you will move them successfully. Group your supplies and put them into boxes and then label all the boxes.

If you want to expand your art business, follow trends in business in Bahrain and work on it. Moving is the first step.

Unpack one box after another, don’t make a mess in your new studio in Bahrain. Be careful with your artwork and make sure not to damage them or your supplies. If you need help with unpacking, you can also hire professionals or take time and do it yourself. Help from friends is also useful when you need to relocate your Bahrain art studio.