How to Use a Hairdryer? And The Most Popular Brands of 2020

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How to Use a Hairdryer? And The Most Popular Brands of 2020

Never use the device on hair dripping with water

Even if it is a hairdryer, it should not be used immediately after your bath or shower. Dry with a towel and lightly dab your hair. Do not rub them, this will accentuate the static electricity. On dry hair, you will save more time. You will also avoid being exposed to heat for too long and taking the risk of being damaged.

Set the temperature of the device

Know that if you have fine hair, you will have to moderate the heat to apply to it. The average temperature is ample enough even for thick hair. Regardless of the density of your wicks, do not set the material to the maximum temperature. An article like the Philips HP8232 / 00 equipped with a ThermoProtect function adjusts the heat to the thickness of your hair.

Avoid overheating

Of course, efficiency is usually sought in an apparatus, but it must always be kept at a suitable distance. To avoid exposing your hair to too high a temperature, do not stick the equipment at close range on your dried wicks.
Even if you have preset the temperature of your device, it is advisable not to apply it directly to the scalp or your hair. Do not repeat the same wicks several times so that they do not get too assaulted.
Opt for models with ionization

The problems of static electricity during drying are well known to all. Models like the Babyliss D371E incorporate ionic functions to prevent your hair from repelling each other. They become more disciplined and brilliant because this technology cancels the excess load. The hair fibres are smoothed in one or two passages only.

Woman using the hairdryer

Use care

For an optimal result, it is advisable to make use of a special hairdryer. A multitude of choices is offered to you in terms of cosmetics. They will protect your hair fibres against the heat and will promote its holding.
You can use a serum before proceeding or highlight a natural volume, or milk to accentuate the curly aspect of your hair. Whatever look you want, feel free to apply care for a flawless and sophisticated hairstyle.

 Finish with cold air

The heat makes the hair more flexible and more malleable. The cold end of the process allows keeping the hairstyle longer. It is better to equip with devices with a cold button. There is a wide range on the market like the Parlux 3800 Friendly or the Remington Pro Silk.

The most popular brands

 To have a beautiful hairstyle, that they envisage to leave or not, is the owner of the women. This requires the use of specific products and devices. The hairdryer is one of the most important for taking good care of the hair. You have to compare the best brands to find a good model.


Recognized company in the manufacture of hair devices, Babyliss has made a name from its inception. It was born around the 1960s with René Lelièvre and Roger Lemoine as founding fathers. The curling iron is the trigger of the reputation of this firm and it produces today a multitude of articles.
This company has also stood out for its hair dryers. Many models are offered to satisfy users. Some are dual-purpose, including drying and blow-drying. Each has several speeds and temperature levels. It is even possible to find specimens for all types of hair, curly or smooth.

Originally from England, GHD is a company specialized in the sale and creation of styling articles. Its products have been addressed to professionals and individuals for many years. She is known in more than 15 countries in the world. She offers sprays, brushes, straighteners and/or curls.
Hairdryers are also part of this brand's areas of activity. The models incorporate the exclusive GHD ion technology and all have multiple operating speeds. Each is equipped with an air concentrator nozzle for more efficient use. At the sign, 3 m cords are offering the user a better comfort.

 Originally, the brand was working on firearms. It was formed in 1916 by Eliphalet Remington. It has also embarked on the creation of other products such as sewing machines, agricultural tools, filing cabinets, as well as office equipment. Around 1937, the company began selling personal-use items like the electric razor.
Hairdryer design is also a speciality of the brand. Several specimens carry a ceramic coated grid. Some models have a ring impregnated with keratin and almond oil. The user opts between several temperature levels in addition to the cold air function for a more effective styling, depending on the chosen series.

A British company incorporated in 1991, Dyson designs various types of household products. In the list of its best sales, one can count the fans without blades, the hand dryers, or even the heaters. It has today established several subsidiaries in different countries, with more than 85,000 employees. The founding father, James Dyson took inspiration from his professional experiences to create his articles and take off in the world of business.
The hairdryer is one of the most commercialized products of this brand. The latter has removed the propellers on some models making them quieter than the standards. Some specimens are equipped with a smoothing nozzle, allowing drying and styling at the same time.

German firm established in 1891 by Gerard Philips, is one of the most famous brands in the world. Based in Eindhoven, she specializes in the design of a wide range of electronic products. At first, she created filament lamps. She participated in the revival of the Stirling engine around 1930. To date, she develops shavers, irons and also, Philips hair dryer price in Bangladesh.
It also produces hair dryers of all kinds. It is for example possible to find models with an ionic function to make hair shiny. Each has an adjustable temperature, so some have up to 6 levels. Accessories such as air concentrator and volume diffuser may also be available by the specimen.