How to Use Instagram Hashtags to Grow Your Audience

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How to Use Instagram Hashtags to Grow Your Audience

You can see hashtags everywhere on Instagram. But do you know how to use them to get the most value out of them?

Hashtags may not look that important on the surface, but they remain one of the most important aspects of promoting on Instagram.

With a keen understanding of Instagram and how they work, you can use them to your advantage. Keep on reading to know how to use Instagram hashtags effectively to grow your audience.

Importance of Hashtags

Why hashtags matter? If you have this question in mind, it is time to get an answer.

Hashtags make your content discoverable. You probably put a lot of effort into crafting useful posts for your profile. You do not want all of this work to go into waste. Users can discover content by searching with the hashtag on their own. Another way is to tap through the related posts for a particular tag.

Ignoring hashtags makes it difficult for your content to be found for Instagram users. Instead, you can spend a few minutes on hashtags to increase the chances of the discovery of your posts.

Studies have confirmed that posts with hashtags score more engagement than those that feature none. Followers engage with hashtags. It is a reason why many brands promote their own branded hashtags to encourage interactions with their customers.

If you are looking for what is trending in your industry, take a look at your trending hashtags. Hashtags can clue you in on what others are buzzing about.

Best Practices for Using Instagram Hashtags

Now that you have learned about the importance of Instagram. Here are some tips on how to put your Instagram strategy into action.

Include Hashtags in Your First Comment

Instead of putting more captions on your post, it is preferable to include hashtags in your first comment. Many brands are using this practice.

Encourage others to Use Your Hashtags

If you want others to use your branded hashtag, you have to ask them. In addition to your profile bio, promote your hashtag in your marketing campaigns.

Jump on Trending Topics

Use hashtags that are already trending. It is a smart strategy to grow your audience. There are two ways you can approach this tactic: Wait until a hashtag related to your industry is targeting and use trending hashtags that are not directly related to your industry.

Vary Hashtags Across Your Content

Once you find trending hashtags, it may be your priority to continue using those same hashtags in your every post. However, you need to add some variations.

Experiment with Emoji Hashtags

In addition to numbers and letters, you can use emojis in hashtags. These animated characters are attractive and eye-catching. Additionally these will make your hashtags short as these images will serve replacement for words.  

Do not Use Irrelevant Hashtags

Using too many irrelevant hashtags is a spammy behavior. It will annoy people who use those hashtags.

Use hashtags strategically. You can only take full advantage if you give them what they are looking for.

Use the Right Amount

We know that hashtags can make your content discoverable and there are many other benefits of using these tags. But, you should not tag every post with a lot of hashtags. They must be relevant to the content you are sharing.

Save Hashtags for Future Use

If you often use the same hashtags for every post, you can note them down to save time. Keep in mind, every hashtag you put on a post should be relevant to the content and should not be too repetitive.  

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