In this blog We send info about How to Learn blogging right now

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In this blog We send info about How to Learn blogging right now

In today's post, we will talk that if you are thinking of starting blogging then you are in this post, today we will try to give step by step information about how we will have. Start blogging.

Friends, in this day and age, there are a lot of people who work in blogging that you can't even think about. And every day 1,000 to 5,000 websites / blogs are created and in this battle 80% fail 100% and only 10% can succeed, in the world of blogging, it only has to do one thing in which people Fail If you are coming for money for the same reason, don't come if they come to see someone else. Because you are going to fail too.

How to get started blogging. The best way to start a blog

Learn how to be a successful blogger. If you want to create a blog or learn blogging then you need something
 There are important things to keep in mind. If you know English, you can go with English, if you are interested in English, you can write posts in Urdu. You can make as much money as you want.

Creating a blog / website has become very common nowadays, anyone can create a blog website, at the moment this task has not been difficult. Creating a blog / website doesn't do anything, you can become a successful blogger if your friends want to bring traffic to it. You have to work hard at blogging.

What are the types of bloggers? And how to become a successful blogger.

Friends, if you want to start a blog, you must first understand the topic on which we can write an equal post. It doesn't matter. . In that case you may fail. First of all, choose your title that you like and get complete information about it. You won't be bothered after that.

  • Fashion blogger 
  • Travel blogger 
  • Technical blogger 
  • Entertainment blogger 
  • Lifestyle blogger 

The new blogger makes the same mistake when he sees another, you feel a big mistake in yourself and because of this mistake, those people fail because you don't make the same mistake, friends talk to you again and again. have been.

What are the types of bloggers? It is not important for us to know that since all posts are published on the Internet, the same person is called a blogger, the person who wrote the post is called a blogger. Now you will know. What are the types of bloggers?

You can create a blog / website on any topic, it is not possible to combine all the topics in one website. As

You want to create a blog on any topic, but you only have to choose one topic, then you will succeed. Now let's talk about how to start blogging.

1. Buy a domain name and hosting.

If you want to become a professional blogger, you need to get a domain and hosting. But if you want to learn blogging, you can go with You do not need to take the domain and hosting, you will get it for free. When you think we've learned blogging well. So you can go to WordPress.

2. Create a YouTube channel.
 If you want to be successful in the world of blogging, you must also have a YouTube channel because when you create a blog / website, it gets very little traffic, but when you have a social media network Will remain So you get some viewers from there

3. Design a blog / website.
After creating a blog, it is most important to design the blog, whatever theme or template you use should be white. Yankees should be white. And blog design should be simple

Note : First, a disclaimer – the whole procedure of writing a weblog put up frequently takes greater than multiple hours, even though you could kind 80 phrases consistent with minute and your writing competencies are sharp. From the seed of the concept to ultimately hitting “Publish,” you would possibly spend numerous days or perhaps even a week “writing” a weblog put up, however it’s crucial to spend the ones critical hours making plans your put up or even considering your put up (yes, questioning counts as running if you’re a blogger) earlier than you genuinely write it.

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