Is Technology In The Classroom Justified For Learning Or Not?

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Is Technology In The Classroom Justified For Learning Or Not?

The world of teaching has transformed immensely. The way our parents and grandparents were taught in schools and universities is not similar to the way we have acquired education.

21st century's modernistic outlook towards every aspect of life is the reason for the change. The modern times have brought along technology, which for some is a gem, while others consider it a menace.

Technology has not so sneakily found its way to our education system. Every classroom in the world is dominated by it, and not just in the teaching sense. The air conditioners, CCTVs and adjustable student desks are the examples of the same.

In the times, when private education has become synonymous toloans for bad credit with no guarantor, no fees and instant decision,the use of every possible technology in the class is almost welcomed by the parents and the students as well.

Let us find out if technology can make a difference in the learning scale of a student through the specific kinds used in the classroom.


The interactive board or the smart board has become the most common use of technological innovations in teaching. It not just any kind of board, but has a screen that showcases the visual representations of the lecture going on in the class.

It is the most valued tool because;

  • It has been proven that children tend to understand and remember more when there is a picturisation coinciding with the concept being taught.
  • A visual helps in attracting the interest of students and maintaining it throughout the lecture more than a verbal or a bookish chapter.
  • Apart from this, the smartboard is designed to cater to the students' needs, despite their different capabilities.


Nowadays, every student, from schools and colleges, has a laptop in his backpack. Some schools ask the students to bring their own, while there are some schools which provide a laptop to each student themselves.

The benefits of a laptop are too many in the classroom.

  • It helps the learner and the teacher to make use of the internet in learning. A book will always have limited knowledge in comparison to a search engine and hence, more learning for the student.
  • It also helps the teacher and the student keep track of the latter’s performance more efficiently. No paper or assignment is ever lost when you have a copy in the sent option of your Gmail.
  • The use of laptop promotes two more things;
    • the computing skill of a child from an early age,
    • And a paperless environment to save trees.

What more could you ask from the learning methodology?


The means of technology in the education system and the classroom have come to the handiest in the present crisis. The coronavirus has stalled every industry from progressing, but it could not halt the process of learning.

COVID-19 has forced people to stay at home. So they have been quarantined inside the houses for almost two months. It meant that the students could not go to schools and colleges, and their spring semester would remain unfinished.

Fortunately, technology helped in avoiding that because;

  • Teachers delivered online lectures and presentations that the students could access on their laptops, iPads and even phones.
  • Through video conferencing, the teacher can check the presence of the students and mark their attendance.
  • The students use emails to send their assignment and papers, while the teachers use the same to let them know their grades.
  • Most teachers are available throughout school hours to take any doubts and concerns of the student through calls and emails.

Since they were already using laptops and computers at school before the pandemic, they did not need any time to acclimate themselves. The only change for them was the change of scenery from the pale walls of the classroom of the curtained windows of their bedroom.

Technology has made it entirely possible for the student to learn and the teacher to teach when going to school is not an option. When people are opting fordoorstep loansto supplement the loss the income, technology has successfully supplemented the loss of learning in the classroom.


Technological innovations have eased our lives in every possible way. From the heat in our homes to keep us warm to the online lessons to keep the students sane, technology has been a saviour.

I have only favourable opinions for technology and its use in the class, but some people do not. These people think that technology, especially giving laptops and tablets to teenagers, will lead to them indulging in unethical ways in the class itself.

I have one thing to say to these people. That is if a child has decided not to take his education seriously, a laptop is not the reason for it.