Laravel vs Symfony: Difference of PHP Frameworks

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Laravel vs Symfony: Difference of PHP Frameworks

Php with its different web application frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Codeigniter, Zend and more is driving about 80% of the web applications made today. Under this article, we will discuss about two most popular frameworks used by organizations such as Laravel and Symfony. 

 Symfony is the most popular PHP framework and it is suited for thous projects under the enterprise level which are large scale or complex. The current version of Symfony 3.1 helps the developers to build scalable websites that are adaptable to changing business necessities. Symfony can work with the absolute biggest open-source platforms, for example, PHPBB, Piwik, and Drupal. 

Laravel PHP Frameworkimplied for building MVC based web applications as we know that it is an open-source PHP framework. Laravel has some significant devices and it likewise gives an architecture of elegant applications that help for planning and designing web applications.

 Symfony and Laravel both of them are from a similar foundation there are numerous pivotal highlights which are available in both of them. Such as Symfony and Laravel both help Scaffolding and full-content inquiry, cross-stage highlights and acknowledgment of multilingual substance.

Key Differences between Laravel vs Symfony :

1. Performance & scalability:

Laravel ‘s average loading time for the web application is around 60 milliseconds whereas Symfony’s average loading time for the web application is around 250 milliseconds. Laravel doesn't have a specific method to deal with the scalability of the application, the Developer requires to compose their code for dealing with the equivalent. Symfony has a few stages for keeping up appropriate adaptability such as Optimizing pushes, limit or give some restriction on the quantity of made objects to hydrate, presenting join utility.

2. Database Access & Migration:

Laravel is Eloquent and manual that way it doesn’t require characterizing the field in the model Requires Repository Creation for each session when the application attempts to get information and could make entangled repositories for future.their are some kind of database supports are as followed provided by the Laravel PHP framework: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Microsoft BI, MongoDB) on the other hand Symfony is Doctrine and automatic in any case, they need characterizing the field in the model Utilization of SQL function makes it simple for the greater part of the activities .their are some kind of database supports are as followed provided by the Symfony such as- (PHP framework: Microsoft BI, MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Memcache DB, GraphDB, Gemfire, Oracle, Apache Jackrabbit).

 3. Speed:

Laravel Speed of use is regularly not so very different than other typical PHP application. It mainly influences a legitimate adaptation control system, which helps the relocation of application later. While Symfony is appropriately executed, at that point the whole application speed unexpectedly improved. It has one extraordinary element to change each center component speed just as whole application speed effectively by choosing whether those features are required or not.

 4. Open Source:

Laravel is commonly Usually utilized by typical PHP designer, don't have any well known open-source platform. Whereas Symfony Has the absolute biggest open-source platforms, for example, PHPBB, Piwik, Drupal, and so on.


So according to the above discussion, Laravel vs Symfony both frameworks are prevalent and usable for PHP language, a developer can utilize any of them dependent on task prerequisites. When the application is excessively complicated than expected, it implies have several features with various positive functionalities, at that point, Symfony is consistently the best alternative to pick. While Lavarel is in every case best for the basic application with some confined number of pages. If the customer favored proper optimization of user load whenever in site page application and furthermore keeping up application speed appropriately, at that point Symfony is consistently the best choice in PHP innovation

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