Learn about & Benefits of Cowhide Rug

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Learn about & Benefits of Cowhide Rug

With the material from the animal skin, the Cowhide rug has a number of different advantages to help the owner express the power and ego as well as his own when using this product line. However, before you use it, you should know the important information about the cowhide rug.

These rugs are made of high-quality material.The mats are made from 100% animal skins, through rigorous production management for the market. The cowhide rugs are retained in the epidermis of natural leather. In order to create an extremely comfortable environment for users. Along with these, the Cowhide rugs are also glossy, durable and also very easy to combine with other items inside the space.

The rug is not only used to decorate the space but also to hang on the wall with the purpose of beauty and express the authority of the owner.TheCowhide rugshave diverse patterns.
And the pattern is not the same as the other regular carpets are not elaborate brocade or flowers match. The surface of the rug is not only the strands of strange flowers but also very smooth thin hair. Simple textures are extremely prominent.

The Benefits of Cowhide Rugs

1- Beautify the living environment; because the carpet has rich patterns and colors after the carpet is placed indoors, it is integrated with furniture, walls and otherdecorationsto form a harmonious, harmonious and comfortable picture, which can give people a Good attitude. People in the living room have a comfortable and relaxed feeling, and in the room, there is a fresh, elegant and neat mood. In the hospital, hospital or other public places, people feel a sense of solemnity, calm and tranquility.

2- Sound absorption and sound insulation; carpet compared with other floor materials, has an excellent sound absorption effect, making the room quiet. The room can absorb telephones and other noises and can block the impact sounds and footsteps from the top floor and the outdoor stairs and aisles.

3- Warmth; people step on the hard ground can feel the surface of a layer of cold feeling, especially in the winter or wearing thin-soled shoes and socks more significant. The carpet has a barrier to the coolness of the ground, and also plays a role in saving indoor air conditioning energy.

4- Safety; walking on the carpet, not easy to slip and fall, even if it falls, it is not easy to be injured, and when the fragile items fall, it can prevent or reduce the damage.

5- Walking comfort; walking on the carpet or under the carpet to lay a soft padding material, make people feel comfortable and leisure, and reduce fatigue. There is no shock from the frequent impact of hard ground and hard soles.

6- Dust-proof effect; because the carpet surface of the carpet is a dense pile structure, the dust that falls from the air to the carpet is sticky to the pile and prevents it from flying to the outside. Even if the dust generated by walking on the carpet again is much lower than the hard ground, the dust content in the air is relatively reduced. It plays an environmentally friendly role in reducing dust in family rooms, hospitals, and public places.

Another option that we work with is cowhide patterned carpets, where you can choose from a variety of exotic animals such as zebra, leopard, tiger, From a special dedication, custom and manufactured are patchwork carpets, where our designers are exfoliated in create authentic beauties in design, taste, and quality with cow skin, fusing different coats to turn a carpet or skin mural into a unique and spectacular work of art.