Learn Facts About Quality Score

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Learn Facts About Quality Score

When there are more  than a thousand businesses competing on a single keywords phrase, it is with quality score that Google determines which website needs to be ranked above while other remains below.

So why should quality score matter to you? What is its importance to your website and how you can improve it and how does google calculate it? We will answer all of it here.

What is Quality Score?

A Google ads rating system for ads is quality score. It ranks your PPC ads from a rating ranging from 1-10 based on:

  • Landing page
  • Relevance of keywords
  • Quality of the ad

1 signals low quality and less relevancy while 10 represents the highest relevance and quality.

The relevancy and quality of the ad and content depends on you.

Google uses the Quality Score and your maximum CPC bid to decide how frequently an ad shows, its position on the page, and how much the ad costs.

How Quality Score is calculated

Google has its algorithm to calculate and monitor how users interact with SERPs to predict future interactions.

Google collects every data and information and has everything with regards to how users interact.

And now Google is taking the help of AI and machine learning to predict CTR as Googel used CTR before to learn about the relevancy of the ad.

Why does Google have Quality Score?

Even though the ads are paid Google is still adamant that they need to show the most relevant ads to their users.

On the other hand Google also needs the advertising revenue, so they have their own interests in showing the most relevant ads to users so they would click on them.

Why Quality Score matters

Advertisers who have quality ads with higher quality score are rewarded by Google with lower costs and higher ad rank.

So that means high quality ad owners get to bid at lower costs than their competitors with low quality ads and rank above them on Google SERPs.

When it comes to PPC and Google ads Quality score is very important to drive your revenue..

A better quality score will always contribute in your return on investment. More people will see your ad on search result pages and you would have to pay a lesser amount for that.

That would actually mean you are multiplying your revenue and getting to pay less amount on more conversions. Your ROI will be boosted.

Also high quality score also gets you more extension, ain't that something? With ad extensions you can easily increase the CTR of your ad.

That is why businesses always look towards topdigital marketing agency Melbourneto run their ad campaigns. It keeps them safe from making any errors and the quality of ads are great.

How to boost your Quality Score

You can follow the below mentioned steps to increase your Quality score.

A. Keep keyword groups small and relevant.

Your aim is to create an ad that is relevant to the keyword you have used. So, your ad needs to have proper defined theme, and keyword needs to be relevant to the ad group.

B. Optimise landing pages to deliver an exceptional user experience

When it comes to Google the user experience is of paramount importance. So you should also create landing pages which engages the user and enhances their experience. Otherwise your ad quality will fall and so will the Quality score.

All you need to do is make sure the landing page can be easily navigated and is relevant to the keyword.

Make your landing page responsive for all devices, desktops, mobile phones and tablets

C. Customise landing pages for specific ad groups

Craft your landing pages for specific ad groups. This will allow you to make every landing page hyper relevant to the keywords and your ads.

Make sure your digital marketing agency Melbourne takes proper steps to create the perfect ad for your next PPC campaign