Living in Chicago as a student

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Living in Chicago as a student

When you’re moving somewhere to start your college studies, let’s be honest;it’s one of the most exciting times in your life. Once you move out of your parents’ home and start living on your own, you’re truly on your way to becoming a full-fledged adult. While this newfound freedom will feel liberating, it’s also a big change.Especially if you’re moving to an entirely new city to attend college. For example - living in Chicago as a student is not difficult, but it takes some getting used to. Which is why we’ve decided to prepare a short guide to help you out!

Dealing With Public Transport

Obviously, when you relocate to a new place, you’ll be dealing with a pretty big change. Especially if it’s a big city; and Chicago definitely fits that bill. After all, we’re talking about one of the largest cities in all of the US!So, if you’ve moved here with the help of a moving company like, what’s the first thing you want to do in such a big city? If you ask us - you should learn all the ways to get around town. And if you’re living in Chicago as a student,chances are high that you don’t have a car of your own.That’s why you should take care to learn everything about the local public transport that you can.

Luckily for you, when it comes to public transportation, students in Chicago get a free pass;quite literally. All of the universities in the city give out something called a U-Pass to their students. With that, you pay a one-time fee that gives you unlimited rides for an entire semester; on all types of public transport in the city. So, if you wanted to go from Downtown to Lincoln Park, no worries; all you have to do is hop on the Brown Line, and you’ll be there in under half an hour. Wherever you want to go, it won’t be difficult;there is bound to be a bus or a CTA Train that’s ready to take you there.As you’ll soon see, Chicago is extremely efficient when it comes to the local transport system, so it’ll be no hassle at all.

Make sure to budget your money

When you decide on living in Chicago as a student,you’ll definitely have a much different experience than those who attend college in a smaller town. Let’s face it - studying somewhere like Chicago or New York means that you not only have the best schools in the country at your disposal, but you also have many different amenities that you can indulge in. As with any large city, Chicago can provide you with all of the fun things you can imagine; from interesting food (obviously, try the deep-dish pizzas) to shopping opportunities. And that’s all before even mentioning the crazy parties.

But there’s another side to that coin; obviously, you’ll spend quite a lot more money than someone living in a smaller town. And we’re not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy everything that Chicago has to offer, on the contrary; but you should be responsible with your money right from the start. So, if you decide to move around town, ask for assistance when moving locally; but don’t splurge on an expensive apartment or the most costly moving company. There are plenty of quality options out there at affordable prices.

Finding discounts

If you ask us, living in Chicago as a student is definitely possible, even on a budget. Don’t let what we’ve said above discourage you from moving here to attend college. And if you feel like you’ll be short on money here, and won’t be able to enjoy yourself; have no worries! As most students do,in a couple of months you’ll go from a financial analphabet to a fiscal wizard. You’ll be able to get the most bang for your buck in any situation; all it takes is a little practice and some good advice.

That’s why we want to give you one of the best tips for Chicago students - take your student ID everywhere with you. You’ll find that this card will open a lot of doors for you; as Chicago shows a lot of love to the local student population. More specifically, you’ll find that a lot of stores and restaurants offer discounts to students who show their IDs. And these are huge discounts at times, going as high as 40%. That’s why you should carry your student ID; it’ll make your academic expenses easier to bear, as your daily living costs will be significantly lower.

Dress appropriately

When you’re about to start living in Chicago as a student, let’s face it; knowing how to save money is important. After all, that’s why we’ve talked so much about that here. But on the other hand, there are other facets of daily life that you need to prepare for; which many people forget to do. For example, most importantly; you need to learn all about the Chicago weather. Actually, that’s one of the first things that students learn once they arrive here; basically, Chicago has two distinct seasons, summer and winter.

And if you don’t have the appropriate clothes for the season, winter can get really chilly here. As you’ll soon realize, Chicago didn’t get the nickname ‘The Windy City’ for no reason.Trust us, the word of the day here is: thick coats. Okay, that’s two words - but you get the picture. Make sure not to leave your dorm in the winter without a few layers of clothing on you!