Media Markt and Similar 2020 Portable Refrigerators Catalog

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Media Markt and Similar 2020 Portable Refrigerators Catalog

Half Markt Electric Portable Fridge

Here we show you an index with the Mini Markt Mini Portable Refrigerators bought at Transcom Digitalso far this year. Snap-on the picture you like best and you will see its highlights, favourable circumstances and mini deep fridge price in Bangladesh!

Fridge to Buy at Transcom Digital 

Our experts have arranged a rundown of the three most famous Media Markt Portable Refrigerators in our online store.

Furthermore, we go with you with a concise audit of your qualities. Try not to miss it!

Severin KB 2922 Portable Electric Refrigerator with Cooling and Heat Preservation Function, 20 L, Incl. 2 Corrie0nt Sockets: 220-240 V/12 V Dc, Green - Gray [Energy Efficiency Class A ++]

It enables you to cool beverages and suppers or keep them warm.

It has a 220-240V association and a 12v association for the vehicle.

It accomplishes a cooling beneath 20 ° C of the room temperature and warmth maintenance of roughly 60 ° C.

Rugged plastic lodging.

Its vitality characterization is A ++

Internal measurements: 32 x 21-23 x 31-34 cm.

Bluefin Electric Portable Refrigerator with Compressor (24/33/42/60/80 litres) - Mini Refrigerator Freezer Works with AC or DC - Rigid Refrigerator for Car Camper Travel Truck (33 litres)

Several models accessible, 25, 35, 41, 60 and 80 liters.

Work with voltages of 12, 24, 100 and 240v.

It incorporates turbo mode that makes it arrive at cool temperatures in a noteworthy time.

Robust producing that makes it impervious to regular treatment.

Your fan is quiet.

winner ruby Auto Hot Cold versatile Electric Fridge Auto Mini Fridge Light protected Fridge compartment Camping coolbox 6L 12V

The light, flawless to move.

It is good with a wide assortment of autos, you can put it as handrails.

It has two capacities, cooling and warming. In refrigeration, it keeps nourishment up to 20 ° C underneath room temperature. In warming, it can arrive at 65 ° C.

6-litre limit

The voltage with which it works is 12V.

What costs are the MiniMarkt Portable Mini Refrigerators?

Our Portable Refrigerators are flawless to take out travelling without your soft drinks getting hot.

We have available to you different sizes, ranges and costs. You pick as indicated by your need and pocket!

The costs of our Mini Refrigerators run from 36 to 600 EUR.

Audits and Comparisons: Is it worth the cost of the Mini Markt Portable Mini Refrigerators?

Our clients are extremely happy with the common sense of having a small scale refrigerator on a par with those of the Media Markt.

With these machines, you can likewise keep your beverages and suppers cold. Any place you can go.

The best thing about Media Markt's smaller than usual refrigerator choice is its value. They are modest!

To put it plainly, they are content with the money-saving advantage proportion of the Mini Markt smaller than usual ice chest and every one of the brands they sell.

Favourable circumstances of the Small Refrigerators of the Media Markt

They enable you to keep your nourishment and beverages refrigerated.

You can associate them in your vehicle and take them on long excursions.

Its fans cause little clamour and you won't even to feel when they are working.

We have a decent variety of sizes for you to pick.

In our online store, it is anything but difficult to purchase Mini Markt Mini Refrigerators, modest and at a bargain!

We constantly offer you numerous limits, offers and limits. Exploit the wide assortment of structures we need to pick the one that fits you and your financial limit.

What are you hanging tight for to have the Media Markt Portable Refrigerator you are searching for, modest and of extraordinary quality?

Make the most of our advancements with free dispatching and in under 24 hours!