Medications That’ll Help You Cure Erectile Dysfunction

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Medications That’ll Help You Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction can cause trouble with holding the erection even during intercourse and that is when the problem gets serious. Having dealt with Impotence ED daily can cause mental stress and loss of self-confidence. It can contribute to a serious relationship problem.

Erectile Dysfunction also abbreviated as Cure ED is a problem wherein a person is unable to hold an erection or even have on in the first place.

Having Erectile Dysfunction problems once in a blue moon is considered ‘not serious’, but when it persists for a long duration then one might consider visiting a doctor.

It is even possible that Cure erection problem in a person is a side effect of some other medical health condition, having it checked up by the doctor can show where the real problem persists.

It is very much possible for it to be a health risk for a heart disease, which is calling for immediate treatment ED.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Before confirming to have the problem of Erectile Dysfunction, one must notice the following
symptoms shown by the body:

• Reduced sexual libido
• Problems with having an erection
• Trouble holding your erection for long

What does cause Erectile Dysfunction?

A sexually aroused body goes through, a series of events to get there, involving complex interactions of the brain, hormones, blood vessels, emotions, and nervous system.

A problem with any of the mentioned factors can cause Erectile Dysfunction Cure in a person. Besides, chronic stress and other mental health condition can even worsen the situation and enhance the effects of Cure ED or impotence.
A combination of physical and mental issues can also cause the problem of Male ED.
For instance, a minor issue of a physical condition, which slows the ED response, may cause the problems of chronic stress and anxiety. Issues ED like this can become the cause for sexual disorders such as ED impotence in men.

How Can One Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure; one should try to maintain a healthy and balanced Improve lifestyle. Making healthy life choices will prevent you from the attack of the problem of (ED) impotence.

Follow the guidelines to prevent sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction:

• Consult your doctor if you are suffering from chronic heart diseases and diabetes, as they can be responsible for the problem of ED impotence.
• Get done with regular check-ups and medical screening tests to ensure proper health.
• Stop consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes and quit the use of illegal drugs.
• Keep your stress in check.
• Get professional help for problems like depression, anxiety, and other mental health-related problems.

Treatments to Erectile Dysfunction

Oral medications are usually the first line of cure to help with Erectile Dysfunction ED. People who are having issues with ED Pills or are unable to hold an erection during intercourse, the following medications will work wonders.

• Malegra (Sildenafil Citrate)
• Zhewitra (Vardenafil)
• Tadarise (Tadalafil)
• Avana (Avanafil)
• Zudena (Udenafil)

All of the above-mentioned drugs are given as medications to cure the problem of ED Erectile Dysfunction. These Tablet help the body by enhancing the concentration of Nitric Oxide in the blood, which is responsible for relaxing muscles around the Male penis.

These drugs will help increase the blood flow towards the penis, allows ED on the condition of sexual arousal.

How do these drugs differ?

As we know, there are various drugs available to Erectile Dysfunction (ED). All of these medicine have the same effect and work similarly, but there are still some key differences in their chemical compositions, which sets them apart from each other.

These differences have the ability to change the effectiveness of the drug on the body. It can change the duration of effect on the body, potential side effects, Headaches etc. Doctors will consider these differences as main factors to determine which drug to prescribe to a person according to his condition.

1. Malegra-

Malegra is also known by the chemical name, Sildenafil Citrate. This ED Pills is most effective when consumed on an empty stomach and one hour before the intercourse. This drug lasts for 5.30 to 6 hours if the condition of Erectile Dysfunction is moderate. Malegra causes PDE5 to destroy cGMP and this causes the erection to last longer. It is a very common cure for ED impotence throughput the world and is extremely successful.

2. Zhewitra –

Zhewitra is also called as Vardenafil. This drug works Top one hour before the intercourse on the condition of sexual stimulation. It will increase the blood flow rapidly towards your penis, which will erect it for a period of four to five hours.

3. Tadarise-

Scientifically called as Tadalafil, this drug cures ED impotence and is effective for the duration of thirty-six hours. The blood rushes towards the penis, engorging it with blood, causing an ED erection. This drug will somehow contract the muscles responsible for the high blood pressure to leave the penis, which means the blood is trapped in the penis keeping it erected.

4. Avanafil-

The Avana Avanafil is a drug, which is to be consumed approximately half-hour before the act, and it lasts for almost six hours. It is also a PDE5 inhibitor, which destroys the GMP to increase the blood flow in the penis and controls the contractions of the penis to hold the blood in the penis for a maximum erection.

5. Zudena

Zudena Udenafil 100 mg and 200mg in combination with other treatments for erectile dysfunction. Zudena contains an active ingredient known as Udenafil which is a chemical developed by Sunrise to cure the condition of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men.

Is there any side effect of ED drugs?

Most men, who have the condition of ED and Erectile Dysfunction, do not care about the side effects as it is a very essential part to keep track of. Side effects of each medicine are different, Heartburn, Headache but most of them are similar.

According to the doctor:

• Headache
• Indigestion
• Visual changes such as increase sensitivity towards light
• Running nose or stuffy nose
• Flushing
• Back Pain etc.


As all of these above-mentioned drugs are meant to cure the sexual problem of Erectile Dysfunction, these Medicine have similar effectiveness and are used as a cure.

The only difference between the drugs is in their chemical composition and only the doctor prescribes the Tablet depending on the condition of the patient and in what quantity the drug is to be consumed.

Erectile Dysfunction or ED impotence is a very serious medical condition, which can lead to chronic stress, depression, and loss of self-confidence. Thus, following one of the above drugs will ED cure your problem in no time and you can have your confidence back.