Must Have Shoes in Every Man’s Closet

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Must Have Shoes in Every Man’s Closet

Whether it is a job interview or first day at school, if you want to gain the approval of your employer-to-be or fellow students, then battered and ill-maintained shoes will not make the cut. 

Why should be careless with your shoe choice when there are thousands of options to choose from? These days, you can easily Buy Shoes Online that are branded and affordable. However, with so many options come the classic confusion of choosing the right pair. But don't worry because this article will tell you exactly what shoes to buy and which ones are a must-have in every man’s closet. 

Leather Oxford Shoe
While there is no right or wrong way to build a shoe collection, it is important to include some styles that are not only timeless but also increasingly stylish, such as black leather Oxford shoes. These are closed-lace shoe that is responsible for giving it a snug fit, making them the most formal shoe type. When buying leather Oxford shoes, you should look for the right shape. Make sure they are neither too pointy, nor too round. A nice almond shape is what you should be looking for. 

Leather Brogue
This time-honoured shoemaking technique has been around for a while and for all the right reasons. The perforations that come in various styles and designs were originally designed to allow water out when the wearer was wading through streams. However, these days they are more fashionable than practical. So if you are looking to add brogues for your shoe collection, then look for a semi-brogue style if you need them to be formal. Remember, the more the holes, the more informal it looks. When buying a pair, look for brown leather brogue shoes that are classic British. If you want to wear it with jeans, then look for a round toe to wear with jeans. For a formal style, an elegant almond shaped show in leather is what you need. 

The Suede Loafer
Loafers, also known as slip-ons, have a come long way from when they were designed in 1930s! Today these diamond-shaped shoes with tassel detailing is a common choice. If you are looking for loafers for your shoe collection, then suede variety is a must have. The classic suede loafers look great with socks and are perfect for a breezy, summer look. If you want to dress up in smart casual style, then try suede loafers in dark brown that you can pair with chinos or shorts. 

Low top shoe in white leather
The biggest and the best sneaker trend these days is a white leather low top shoe. This versatile pair looks classy with jeans and t-shirt combination. Fashion forward men can pair these ultra-chic pair of white tennis shoes with everything from a pair of shorts to semi-formal wear. When you want to buy the low-tops with a suit, keep them as clean as possible. For a smart casual vibe, you can also pair them with a merino sweater flannel trousers. Just feel free to experiment with the style but remember to keep things basic. 

A pair of old-school trainers
A pair of running shoes is not the same anymore. In fact, they are available in so many varieties these days that you can easily wear them anywhere, even outside the jogging tracks! They are bold, colourful, and incredibly fun. With right kind of clothing, they can add a zing to your attire and make you look playful. If you want to up your style quotient, then you can also look into buying retro sneakers that have stood the test of time. Their simple design and extreme comfort give you a relaxed weekend vibe, without ever making you look sloppy! Look sharp and chic with the retro trainers. So make sure you have added them to your list of must-haves. 

Leather lace-up boots
A stylish pair of boots is a great addition to your wardrobe. Leather lace-ups are so versatile and long-lasting that they make the perfect shoe for your closet. They can withstand the onslaught and still manage to look their sharpest best! You can wear them with a tailored suit with narrow and ankle-length leg. 

These are some common styles that are not so common. When men want to buy shoes, they often make the mistake of rushing things. However, now that you know which ones you must include in your closet, take your time to find the perfect pairs in these categories to build a stylish and timeless shoe closet.