Nine beauty tools that is perfect for Busy and lazy girls

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Nine beauty tools that is perfect for Busy and lazy girls

When you wake up every morning with the feeling that to wish to stay in a bed more few minutes. We often feel like one minute in the morning is as costly as fifteen minute during a day. If you are more busy to spend minutes in front of the mirror to give good make to your skin before going to bed and if you thing make up involves getting up half an hour to look good and you are too lazy then you want to try these beauty tips which are invented specially girls like you . It helps you spend less time but still look good her are few top most useful beauty items to save your time especially for busy and lazy girls.

1. Night emulsion face sheet:

 Night emulsion face sheet is a perfect item when you come home very late at night. One sheet contain all in one solution for makeup remover, face wash, toner, and moisturizer and beauty essence. The whole process helps for removing make up to skin treatment can be done with this one little sheet even in your bed.

2. Quick hair dry spray: -

This quick hair spray specially made for those who want to save time. This is a magical spray to reduce your time for blow dry. It helps to your hair to your hair to get dry quicker. It doesn’t cause any dryness or damage on your hair.

3. Soap Butter Spray: -

Butter spray is not for cooking. Its spray contains 98% sheer butter and 2% natural soybean. Sheer butter is very thick and not easy spread, it helps you save lots of time and it’s very smooth and light texture and moisturizes skin instantly. It can be used for body, face and hair.

4. Morning Mask:-

Morning mask is a facial sheet mask which gives an amazing result with all in one effect as face wash, skin care and moisturizing primer of makeup. And it takes only sixty second to apply after wake up at morning.

5. Free hair styling milk lotion: -

 It is a hair styling product which works great on dry and frizzy hair apply on dry hair with comb through to hair to bottom with your finger and it gives shinny and smooth look instantly

6. Nail polish fix: -

You don't have to remove the polish from all fingers and reapply new nail paint. Just cover the bare area with nail stickers.  Every all nail polish stash contains some bottles of gloopy, dried-out polish. Unless you scorn the color, don’t throw it out. You can fix dry nail polish, returning it to its fluid fixture. Just be aware, there’s a right way and a wrong way to save the polish.

7. Eye-brightening: -

You don't have spent more hours use different products to glow your eyes just use nude pencil to line your waterline. The perfect under eye dark circle dye corrector and complexion rescue. Get rid of dark circles and bags below eyes to brighten the eyes. 

8. Quick dry solution: -

 This solution helps your nails to dry after painting them, just dip them in ice water, the freezing water will help set the paint.

9. Easy Smoky eye: -

The next time you feel lazy to use tricks involving eye shadows and liners to make a perfect smoky eye, just apply eyeliner to your lash lines and use liner brush.

Here are the some life savings home beauty tips for every lazy girl.

1. This sheet mask for perfect glowing skin. The sheet mask is very convenient and easy to use. It is just ten to fifteen minutes process that all the goodness of the sheet make can easily absorbed by your skin. Just use Aloe Vera with rose water based sheet, it is will give you the cooling effect and make your skin bright.

2. Remove pimples to maintain a skin and want to rid of pimple the best way change your pillows two-three times in a week by doing this you can get rid of uncalled pimples.

3. Another way to keep the good skin there is simple trick if you want your skin glow your skin pores should be clean, so before going to bed just gently massage your face with coconut oil in circular  motion then rinse off after two minutes. Coconut oil is good for you skin.

4. Use dry shampoo to save your time and energy. Dry shampoo helps to add volumes and texture to your hair. Dry shampoo helps remove oil from hair that gives greasy look to your hair.

5. Lastly, Drink plenty of water It is universally accepted ways to drink enough water. It helps to detoxify your body and give a natural glow.