Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter Review

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Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter Review

Hi guys. Today I'm reviewing the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze. This is a gradual soft Tanner and I ended up giving this one three-point to five out of five stars. So it's a good gradual Tanner. I liked it a lot. It comes in an eight-point five-ounce bottle and the bottle I think is eight dollars and 38 cents so that works out to about ninety say I'm sorry ninety-eight cents an ounce which is less than a dollar per ounce which is one of the cheapest soft hands I've ever seen.

So it's a low price tag and I think it's definitely worth the price as well. This one comes out as a very creamy white lotion. It's pretty thick and creamy. There's no dark guide in it. It goes on a lot like a moisturizer it is a moisturizer as well as cocoa butter in it. So it's really good for your skin. Plus it gives you a nice golden glow and it smells a lot like cocoa butter. So basically that's all I smelled I couldn't smell any DHEA.

Cocoa butter isn't my favourite smell. If you like cocoa butter the smell of it you'll love the smell of this product. I just I'm not a fan of the way it smells. The good news is I didn't smell any DHEA the next morning when I woke up I could still smell a little bit of cocoa butter on my skin but I still couldn't smell any DHEA. So I was happy about that. Putting it on is easy it just goes on like your normal body lotion it says it's a body lotion on here.

I didn't use gloves and my hands were fine just make sure you thoroughly wash your hands after you apply it. And it's pretty easy to blend into your skin it might take a little longer than average just because it's pretty thick and creamy. But overall it's pretty easy to put on it's pretty hassling free and there's not a mess with it which is nice. This one took a little longer than average to dry. So took about 30 to 35 minutes which is a little too long, in my opinion, I wish it would have dried quicker so I felt a little bit sticky while I waited for it to dry and it took about thirty-five minutes before I felt OK putting my clothes on and crawling into bed.

So I do wish this one dried a little quicker. But the good news is the lotion is white so you don't need to worry about a dark guide getting on anything while you wait for it to dry. The colour. This one produced me after one night of using it. I woke up and I had a nice medium shade tan so I was happy about that because with most gradual tanners you get maybe one or two shades darker overall after a few nights of application. But this one I had a medium tan that when I woke up the next morning.

So I say you, Paul, I need to apply this one or maybe two days in a row to reach your desired shade of tan. I tried applying it two more nights in a row and I didn't notice that my tan got that much darker. So I think the final results of this one are about a medium shade tan. There is also a very natural and smooth looking which I liked. I was pretty happy with the colour this one produced. But like I said there's not a need to apply it three or four or five days in a row unless you like the moisturizing aspect of it and just get your tan won't get that much darker after that medium shade tan.

This one lasted about four days total which was also pretty happy about because most gradual tanners start to drastically fade after about a day or two. And this one lasted about a full four days which was nice. And I think that's kind of because as a moisturizing aspect in there helped prolong your tan. Also as it faded that got a little splashy but it wasn't anything too horrible I wasn't super embarrassed but it was a little bit squashing and scaly just so you know. Man, I think that if you're looking for a gradual self-tanner This is a great one to try.

You just can't beat the price tag it works out to under a dollar per ounce. And the colours nice. Plus it's not too much maintenance. You don't have to apply it that often compared to most gradual self-tanners. So I think men will like this one.