Photo Filtre: Have Started With Photo-Editing

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Photo Filtre: Have Started With Photo-Editing

PhotoFiltre is still one of the most utilized applications by lovers of Image editing (9% of traffic to my site at the time that I write these lines). What would make the results of this program? Who is he talking to? Which are his constraints?

PhotoFiltre is a program designed for novices Employing a PC Running Windows. It is a component of the sounding software that handles layers.

Both reasons which are powerful are that It's Firstly All free applications and incredibly light (5 MB). It's likewise a very simple computer software. The handling is done immediately and also we can quickly comfortable. Unexpectedly, many users wind up adopting (it's not harder than that...).

The workspace

The PhotoFiltre interface is simple and clear. Unlike other Applications, the layers which form the image are arranged on the left of their screen and the programs on the proper. Click here to the desired application to show the options of the tool. For the remainder, we locate the typical menus for this sort of application (Layer, Choice, Filter...), and the icons on top of the screen. The choices for assessing the workspace are very small, maybe non-existent. They are limited by the display of the grid (to be employed to align elements) and the display of tools and icons. You don't have to proceed to the layer window or display windows. But hey, because of the ease of the workspace, it is no issue.

The tools are not very different but we've got the Essential:

Create your composition

PhotoFiltre admits the conventional formats of digital On another hand it is vital to know that in the event the format TIFF comprises several layers, then they will be flattened with the launching of the document. Also note that the Raw format is not supported, that isn't surprising considering the prospective users for this software is intended.

Re-touch and beautify your pictures

The PhotoFiltre Settings menu contains the Majority of the choices It is possible to modify the tone of the image with one click thanks to the options Auto Levels and Auto Contrast. PhotoFiltre is the luxury of suggesting layers of color or settings background, which does not really offer Gimp, yet again oriented experienced photographers.

Create a Photo-montage

As announced previously, PhotoFiltre manages layers, which Makes it convenient for creating photomontages. The operating principle is precisely the same as his coworkers ' Gimp, Photoshop Elements or Pixelmator. In this case, we have to take care to use the proprietary file format that manages the layers (to be used for non-destructive editing): the PFI format.

The choice tools are quite numerous and conform to the type of software (rectangle, circle, lasso, polygonal lasso, etc.). There's even the magic wand tool allowing to select regions of the identical color (it really is suitable for the sky for example). Even the CTRL and ALT keys are utilized to eliminate or add zones to an option, respectively.

These choices can also be stored (Selection> Save Shape ...) in the order they can be recovered completely. What's more, in the event that you click on the Load a contour... option of the identical menu, you'll find that there happen to be several selections (Horse, Cat, Dog, etc.). As an instance, you can utilize these to create to present one to the craft of scrapbooking.

The strong point of PhotoFiltre is also, as its name suggests, Its own filters. They are really very different and will allow one to decorate your pictures (Sharpness, Framing, Dustproof) or to create exceptional effects (Comics, Craquelure, Photocopy, etc.).

Needless to say, the Text tool is present and also a text coating is Created automatically when you reveal the article.

Export / Share your own creations

In the same manner that PhotoFiltre is able to read standard Formats, it is also able to export pictures in the very same formats (File> Save ). However, be careful to not use the TIFF format if you want to maintain your layers (I replicate nonetheless it's very important ) as the image is flattened.

Superior surprise, this program is also able to process images in batches. To do this, simply go to Tools> Automation... to produce the window on concerned. From here it will be possible to select the output, the size of the pictures and even employ a filter effect to all the pictures found in the folder. That is extremely useful if you need, by way of example, to generate a picture gallery with photos having the same characteristics.

Alternatively, as to the chances of sharing Photos, it's not as magnificent because there is absolutely nothing planned. In cases like this, you can such as link it using Picasa.

Concerning regrets...

The ergonomics are somewhat old. Using its appearance of the early 2000s, a facelift won't hurt him.

Why don't you include a sharp tool while the blur tool will there be? That is even more shame that it exists in the shape of the filter. It is going to hence use 2 layers if you would like to individually improve the sharpness of an image.

Too bad also that there are no control Dark Tones / Clear Tones so appreciated by photographers. Currently, only the reinforcement of dark light and tones is possible.

It is not sufficient in my view of automatic correction Tools such as the white balance.

The redeye Repair tool does not exist. Just solution, guide Correction, which is far from simple once you start photo-editing...


PhotoFiltre Is Ideal for beginners who want to learn just how To edit simply and quickly their photographs.

You wish to know how to perfect the principle of layers.

You wish to delete tiny items on uniform backgrounds (for example As shooting date, an electrical wire in the sky, etc.. )

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