Preparations for your Dubai Desert Safari Visit

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Preparations for your Dubai Desert Safari Visit


Without an adventure in the vast sand dunes of Dubai, a visit to Dubai is never complete. Tour the Golden Sands with an amazing desert safari to Dubai to experience the beauty and magnificence of it. The on-board 4x4 Land Cruiser SUVs, the desert drivers, will take you in an afternoon of extreme thrill and excitement to dune against the sandy hills.

Subsequently, as you dive into Bedouin culture in a desert camp, you and your friends can relax and rest. There are more wonderful activities.

 The desert safaris are popular between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. You will usually take you from your hotel or from a particular location before you drive to the deserts for 45 minutes. Experience the Roller Coast Rides once in the dunes and experience the wide-open view of the desert.


Here are some tips to help you prepare your morning desert safari in glorious Dubai:


The tour is about six hours long. It starts at approximately 3:00 pm and ends at the hotel at approximately 22:00 pm.


Have a light, early lunch, nothing that will upset your belly. Before dunes bumping is very bumpy and some people can feel nauseated it is best not to consume too much or drink too much water.


Take a hat, sunglasses, a camera and, if you like, a video camera.


Bring a credit card with some cash. At the comfort stop, the souvenir shop and if you decide to buy photo / video from an official photographer, you may need them for water / snack.


Wear loose and comfortable shoes. Unlike in other places in Dubai, only other tourists are here and modest clothes are not required.

For women, shorts and thin bracelets are acceptable. Men can wear shorts as well. I wore a lightweight linen pants top that I found to be cool and comfortable.

With frequent entry and departure from the truck and the sand, open shoes, thongs or sandals are better than snacks. The sand is so great it's got into your shoes all over the place.

Road snacks

You do not have to bring water as before the dunes start, you can buy refreshments and snacks, there will be a comfort stop.


The desert location is not as far away as you can expect. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the sand dunes from central Dubai, but this doesn't put the experiment away.

Safari drivers

The 4WD drivers are highly qualified and fully controlled, so they don't have to worry. You will be glorified for the abilities of sand dunes driver irrespective of how rough the trip was.

Other activities

When you come to the campsite, secure a good spot by the dance floor, especially if you come in a large group, before you engage in other activities.

Before the BBQ dinner you will have some free time at the campsite. You may not have enough time to do all of them, and there are many activities.

Drinks and others

Drinks at the bar, henna tattoos, camel rides, Arabic coffee and dating, smoking an apple chisha, photography, dressing in traditional clothes, all at an additionally charge.

Camel ride

If you want to ride a camel, do that sooner than later because after the initial rush there was nobody around when we arrived.


The Bedouin camping area may not feel authentic with its modern look and amenities. Don't think about it. Don't surpass it. You are in Dubai. You are in Dubai. You're in the wilderness. You have so much to enjoy around you.

Desert Safaris is a fun and worthwhile time in Dubai for your afternoon and evening. Just go and enjoy the Arab hospitality and travel in your professional driver's arms.