Profit yourself by calibrating your Fluke network testers

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Profit yourself by calibrating your Fluke network testers

As a cable installation service provider, you know the significance of warranties for your clients. It is imperative that you provide your clients with the most accurate measurements from your testing devices, this is where of your business lies. Owning a Fluke network certification tester will aid you in providing the most accurate measurements and readings as the testing instrument are high-grade quality. You can buy fluke network testers online from

When you receive a notification from Fluke Networks, telling you that it's time for the yearly calibration of your tester, you could be forgiven to ask questions such as, "Why do I need to get my tester calibrated? It doesn't have any parts to go out of adjustment, does it? What type of calibration it requires and how? Do I have to send it to Fluke networks or some other labs to get this out of the way?

It is all done to provide more efficiency as calibration ensures that your tester is working on-point you will be able to provide your clients with the most accurate readings. You cannot afford to make mistakes in readings when you are providing it to your clients.

Why there is a need to Calibrate?

You are required to maintain the quality and calibration of any measuring device as per the ISO 9001 quality management standards. Also, you are required to make your calibration traceable by the national and international standards to proceed with your work.

In addition, manufacturers grant multi-year product and application warranties after analyzing and auditing test data. Only valid calibration of the device makes you legible of receiving the warranty of the product from the manufacturer and calibration and testing must be done as per the guidelines of the manufacturer.

Why Calibrate with Fluke Networks

Calibrating from authorized Fluke network centers has its own benefits and it is better that you get it done from authorized service centers. Why? Well..

Quality of Calibration

Fluke networks calibrate the measuring device and instrument as per the factory specifications, they have a proper process in place to get it done perfectly.

A non-authorized laboratory will never have any sort of access to Fluke Networks' proprietary testing procedures nor equipment. Their calibration may only be restricted to calibrating length and measurement, and may not test your products for accuracy on a complete range of frequencies, it will devoid your instrument of efficiency.

Knowledge of Product and its Limitations

Our calibration measures and the process is based on Fluke Networks product designs, and on the massive amount of data we have collected over the time from calibrating a number of units over years of usage. We adapt our measures to test for inaccuracies in places where they are most likely to happen in our products. A non-authorized testing lab will never have the same research and knowledge, and maybe unaware of combinations of measurements and frequencies to test, or which inaccuracies identify for in Fluke Networks products.

Traceability and Integrity

The procedure and equipment used for calibration are also required, albeit occasionally, to be calibrated themselves, to ensure that they will continue to work and measure measuring instruments of Fluke networks according to the national standards.

Fluke provides state of the art calibration instruments that are so accurate and efficient that national standards laboratories use them across the world, as their calibration standards. If you summarize it, the people who create calibration standards always rely on Fluke equipment to help them not only establish but maintain those standards.

Make sure that when you buy fluke network testers online or any other physical store, they are trusted and certified by Fluke network.