PTE Practice Test Is Not Enough; Add These 3 Secret Topper’s Tips to Get High PTE Score

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PTE Practice Test Is Not Enough; Add These 3 Secret Topper’s Tips to Get High PTE Score

Attempting a PTE Exam with less practice or no practice can be fatal. Test-takers who have practised for the PTE for some time have failed to clear the exam. And English Native Speakers are no exception to it.

Do you know why it happens? Well, it is because you are always worried about preparing for the macro concerns. And you neglect the primary areas and the small issues you face during their preparation. Some can identify the mistakes, and a few are not able to. And then there are the ones who decide to overlook.

This blog highlights what the three expert’s tips for PTE-A Exam. Add them to your preparation along with the PTE Practice Tests. The three secrets for a highPTE Scoreare:

  1. Assess, Prepare and Assess.
  2. Effective PTE Test Environment tips
  3. Out of the Box ideas

Assess, Prepare, Assess

The initial step is to know all about the PTE Exam. But preparing for PTE without knowing your level of knowledge is a bit risky. You must know what your strong areas are and where you lack according to PTE Standards. How do you do that?

To test your skills, you got to take the mock tests and the correction services. It will help you understand all your weak areas with a detailed assessment. You will also get tips & strategies to improve upon them further.

The next step after assessing is working on your weak areas. If you are still stuck with the general sample questions; think ahead. Start putting in most of your time on weak areas. Practice specifically with the questions and materials that directly address your weak areas. Also, do not forget to polish your strong areas to make them stronger.

And once you feel you are ready to take up the assessment again, go for it. Assess yourself and analyse your preparation. Make improvements and changes in the way you prepare.

Note:Keep practising with the PTE Practice tests and assessing yourselves, it will help you improve.

Effective PTE Test Environment tips

The test environment is not like what you expect it to be. It is not like your preparation environment where you sit in a quiet corner with your practice materials and prepare. Once you enter the test centre, you find a different picture. You will see a stressful environment with nervousness in test-takers. It will be very noisy. And especially when you are taking the exam, you will hear the keyboard sounds and the voice of other test-takers.

If you are not used to such a kind of environment, you will find it difficult to concentrate. It is advised you to change the way you practice. Practice reading in the living room with the TV switched on and practice listening when the music is played around, or people are talking. You will find it challenging, but you will soon be used to it.

And some of the test-takers will find it challenging to sit for three hours continuously during the exam. Only practising at home with full-lengthPTE practice testcan habituate you. And if you want to stay more concentrated, then book your test in the early hours of the day when your concentration is high.

Out of the Box ideas

Like most of the test-takers, do not rely on the coaching classes or the practice materials or the PTE Practice test alone. If you are aiming to achieve a 79+ PTE Score, you need to make extra efforts. You cannot rely on only the accents you learn within your coaching class. Here are a few ways you can practice:

  • Practice listening to different TV shows to become familiar with different accents.
  • Learn new words by reading different articles, magazines etc. Practice using them for at least 15-20 times to remember them.
  • Record your speech to understand your Oral Fluency and Pronunciation. You can also use the google text-to-speech application for the same.
  • Use the mobile app to practice with questions on various topics for a question type.
  • Start conversing in English and improve your typing speed.
  • Practice scanning and skimming paragraphs to get an idea of the topic and to identify the keywords.


At the initial stage of assessing and practising, you can take the help of PTE Tutorials. It allows you to take the scored tests and correction service. The scored test helps you to get familiar with the PTE Exam Question type and the test environment. Whereas, the Correction Services helps you with in-detail understanding of the level of your English.

Also, PTE Tutorials provides you with a comprehensive mobile app that has ample questions to practice. The vocab bank available in the mobile app allows you to learn the words topic-wise and the commonly used words. Learn those words and use them to improve your language quality.

Remember apart from all these, Smart Practice is the key to success in the PTE-A Exam.