Retail Security Solutions Sydney - Pinnacle Protection

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Retail Security Solutions Sydney - Pinnacle Protection

Retail Security Solutions, Loss Prevention, and Concierge Security

We thrive to provide the best retail security solutions aimed at loss prevention and concierge security.

Our Retail Security Solutions Are Aimed at Loss Prevention

Predominantly as a result of negligence, Australian businesses lose close to $172 million dollars per year due to shoplifting. This is a staggering amount and if left unidentified as a potential risk to your business can result in vulnerabilities that may leave your business exposed. As a result, our retail security solutions are geared towards loss prevention.

Pinnacle Protection provides specialised security plans that identify controls weaknesses for business and in turn,
implement plans to combat those weaknesses.

For retail, depending on the type, location and size of a shop a range of retail security solutions are available. Most commonly, CCTV camera installation and alarm monitoring systems are used in conjunction with manpower to ensure there is a visible and covert impediment to theft.

To discuss our range of retail security solutions aimed at loss prevention please call us at (02) 8959 9438 or contact us using the button below.

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Pinnacle Protection - Retail, Loss Prevention, and Concierge Security

Overview Of Retail Security Solutions, Concierge Security & Loss Prevention

CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV Camera Installation and coverage is very important and needs to be installed in multiple places of the building to keep and eye on everything. This helps in keeping record of everything. Camera coverage is recommended for

Uniformed & Well-Mannered Officers

We provide highly trained but as well as uniformed and mannered security officers that have lots of experience in their field.

Alarm Monitoring System

All alarm monitoring systems are monitored 24/7 by our security officers and handle any situation if any alarm happens to go off.

Loss Prevention Strategies

We develop loss prevention strategies that are specifically made for you and your requirements so that there is no room for any loss of money or valuable assets.

Loading Dock & Delivery Supervision

Pinnacle protection goes above and beyond as we also provide you loading docks and delivery supervision to make sure that everything is going as planned.

Greeting The Customers

Our concierge security officers welcome your guests and help them out in any problem they have. Our officers help them make feel at home by providing unparalleled care and service.

A Reputable Security Service Company In Sydney

Pinnacle Protection have been providing professional security and training services in Sydney, Illawarra, Wollongong, the Northern Beaches and the Newcastle region for over 20 years. During this time we have built a strong reputation with our clients.

We specialise in providing a holistic security solution to our clients who require security services for their buildings, facilities, patrons, and events, through excellent customer service and our team of highly qualified security personnel. What sets us apart from other security companies in Sydney is our customer-orientated approach, like our tagline states, we are committed to protecting relationships.

Pinnacle Protection Specialised Security

We are able to provide specialised security services catering to the needs of government organisations, education institutions, warehouse operators, construction sites and places of worship.

Our Mission

We are guided by our values to create safe working environments for our clients and their patrons, and to protect their assets. We aim to provide responsive security solutions through a seamless service delivering peace of mind to our community and clients. This is achieved through a team of dedicated industry professionals who are passionate about meeting client expectations and exceeding individual needs.

Environment and Sustainability

Pinnacle Protection is committed towards improving our environmental performance and to make it more sustainable. We are doing this by bringing changes to all of our business operations that impact the environment directly or indirectly.

Our sustainability goals are as follows:

  • Comply with environmental sustainability regulations;
  • Reduce consumption of energy, water and consumables across all of our  sites; 
  • Reduce waste to landfill and improve our recycling system; 
  • Incorporate sustainability measures into relevant business decisions; 
  • Promote Pinnacle Protection environmental sustainability goals to staff, customers, clients and key stakeholders. 

Name: Pinnacle Protection
Contact: 1300 590 572 | (02) 8959 9438
Address: Level 57, MLC Centre, 19-29 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW, 2000