Safe Travel with SAFE Car Promise From ITH

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Safe Travel with SAFE Car Promise From ITH

Over the last few months, the world has remained in a lockdown state due to the latest Covid-19 pandemic. The infection can spread rapidly and the virus can stay alive on a surface for as long as 48 hours and even more. So, the best possible solution seemed to be a complete lockdown. But since there is no end to the virus and the world has to move on with its regular activities, countries are lifting their lockdown and taking steps to live with the virus and stay safe.

International Travel House, an India based travel management company, has done something similar in the form of their SAFE Car Promise. Here are a few details to know.

What’s Involved in the SAFE Car Promise?

B Hariharan, the Managing Director of International Travel House, says that the safety of their guests is of utmost importance to them. In these tough times, they promise to take effective safety measures to limit the spread of coronavirus while travelling with them. The SAFE Car Promise offered by them ensures your safety by taking the following measures:

  • ITH has partnered with Savlon, which is one of the most trusted brands for making hygiene products. This ensures nearly 100% germ protection from bacteria and viruses
  • Thermal temperature of each and every chauffeur is checked every day before they are sent with the car for your service
  • It is mandatory for all the chauffeurs to use sanitizers, gloves and masks of medical grade
  • Deep cleaning methods are used to sanitize the cars every day using approved antimicrobial products
  • All the chauffeurs and staff members strictly follow all the rules and guidelines set by the government for Covid-19 protection
  • Entire team of ITH is specifically trained to sanitize the car and all the surfaces both before and after serving the guests
  • They hire their chauffeurs only after conducting a strict background check, along with their training and experience
  • They also check their National Skill Development Council certificate from time to time
  • Their fleet of cars is best in quality and well-maintained, whether you are looking for a premium car or a luxury vehicle

Operating Steps under SAFE Car Promise

Here are a few steps that the ITH chauffeurs and their team members are instructed to take during their working hours:

  • Before the Pickup:When you schedule a pickup from ITH, you can be sure that only a personal car will arrive to pick you up. You can rest assured that all the chauffeurs are instructed to wear gloves and mask, and their thermal temperature is checked every day through a contactless thermometer. All of them have Aarogya Setu mobile application in their phone and they have an active registration too.

They disinfect the cars every day both inside and out, and no magazines and newspapers are kept in the car to avoid the spread of the infection. All the chauffeurs are regularly updated about the red zone routes so that they can take effective measures to stay safe and avoid those routes. Before they come to pick you up, they keep Savlon sanitizer and a disinfectant spray can in their car, and make sure that their tyres, engine, beverages, uniform, etc. are all checked as per routine.

  • During the Pickup:When they come to pick you up, they open the door for you, so that you don’t need to touch the door. They will show their temperature snap to you, and offer you a hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands. They will also disinfect your baggage with a Savlon spray. If you want, they can also offer you a fresh mask.

Once you are seated in the car, they sanitize the indoor handle of the door, seat, and window button in front of you using a Savlon spray. There would be a restriction to the number of guests per car as directed by the Central government or your state government. You can either choose to have your window partially open or have air conditioning switched on with outside air button turned on.

  • After the Drop off:Once you reach your destination, the chauffeur will again open the door for you and disinfect the pen/stylus used. Once they drop you off, they sanitize the car completely, including the window switches, door handles, armrests, seat belts, and all the knobs using Savlon spray.

Need for SAFE Car Promise

When you travel out of your house, your chances of spreading and getting the infection increases a lot. But if travelling is inevitable, you need to ensure that you and people around you take necessary steps for mutual protection. Wearing a mask, sanitizing hands, and maintaining 6 feet distance is imperative, and the SAFE Car Promise from ITH does just that.

If you are sick or have recently been tested with Covid-19 positive, then you should avoid travelling until you get a negative report. There are several other steps that companies are taking to protect their customers, including maintaining social distance, making contactless bookings and reservations, accepting payments through contactless methods, and following enhanced procedures of cleaning and disinfecting.

Once you reach your destination, maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from your loved ones for a few days. If you feel sick, get yourself tested for coronavirus immediately and follow the safety guidelines as recommended by your doctor and the government. However, if you travel with the SAFE Car Promise from International Travel House, you can be sure that you have reached your destination in the safest way possible.