Saputara Hill Station Tour Experience In September

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Saputara Hill Station Tour Experience In September

Saputara Hill Station

Hi, I am Sagar Rathod. I am a traveler and blogger. I write the base of my blog on my tour experience. today I come with my new travel experience, the place name is Saputara hill station. I will try to provide all the information about the Saputara tour.

Weather in Saputara:

March to June is summer in India. This is the ideal time for Saputara tour planning. The temperature of the hill station is low compare to other city's temperatures.
July to October is monsoon in India. This is the best time for the Saputara plan because of this time more greenery and foggy weather.
November to February is winter in India. If you plan the Saputara tour during Diwali vacation it is good.


Places near Saputara:

Gira waterfall: 

Gira waterfall is located on the Ambika river. Ambika river is a seasonal river during Summar. There is no waterfall.

Purna sanctuary:

Purna Sanctuary 77 kilometers far from Saputara hill station. Entry fee of Pune centuries 20 rupees.  Places for a watch like sabridham, Gira Waterfall, and Pampa Sarovar.

Vasanda National Park:

Vasanda National Park is 52 milometer far from Saputara hill station. 500 rupees ticket for entrance in the National Park. There is Vaghai botanical garden and Girmal waterfall is attraction, more animals birds and tree you can watch best for nature lovers good place for

Pandava cave: 

Pandava Caves are 20 to 25 km far from Saputara hill station. It is connected with Mahabharat time story. Small waterfall during monsoon season.

Places on Saputara hill station:

Saputara lake:

Saputara Lake is the main attraction in Saputara hill station botting available in Saputara Lake.

Lakeview Garden: 

Lakeview Garden is beside of Saputara lake. Goodview of the lake. 10 rupees entrance fee. Good for photography.

Saputara ropeway: 

Saputara ropeway provides a bird view of Saputara hill station. You can go to Sunset Point by Saputara ropeway.

sunrise point: 

Sunrise point of Saputara is very near to Saputara lake. If you come during winter or summer you can enjoy the sunrise from this point

Sunset Point: 

Sunset point is located at the highest point of Saputara. Good place for photography and awesome view of the valley.

Adventure Park:

Adventure Park is located on Governor Hill. There are many adventure activities you can enjoy there.

Saputara paragliding: 

Paragliding cost between 1800 To 2200. 10 minutes ride in paragliding.

Saputara museum :

Saputara museum gives information about Adivasi of the Dang area how they were living in the forest.


As per my experience, the best time to visit Saputara is monsoon and 1-2 days are required for a tour. Please go with an umbrella raincoat because of heavy rain in Saputara during monsoon. it makes good weather, the best memory of the Saputara tour.

Some common questions (Give answer on Quora by me) 


Is the Hill Station tour is worthy?

It is base on your location. If you live in South Gujarat or near Nasik than the Saputara visit is worth. 270 km from Vadodara and 100 km from Nasik. Saputara is only one Hill Station in Gujarat state


Some best resorts in the Saputara tour?

I don't know about resorts but Forest Log Hut is the best place to stay. 2.4 km far from Saputara lake. Permission required for stay here, Made by the forest department, the main office in Ahwa. More information about Saputara like how to reach, Best time, Place list & distance from Saputara lake and other.


Monsson is good?

July to October is monsoon.

May Rainfall: 51 mm

June Rainfall: 152 mm

So if you visit during July or August, that time much greenery and good weather to enjoy a tour.


Who can go to Hill Station?

It's simple. If you live near Mumbai or Pune than Mahabaleshwar is batter for you and if you live in south Gujarat or near Nasik than Saputara is good for you.