Secret Keys to find a good lawyer

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Secret Keys to find a good lawyer

The number of law firms in our country is high and when choosing, as in any service that is hired, a number of aspects must be assessed before putting the case in the hands of a professional in the world of law.

What should we consider to choose a good lawyer?

You must be an expert in the field

If you hire a lawyer, you have to be sure that you have experience in the branch of law pertaining to our case. In the legal world, experience acquires great importance and if we expose our situation directly, an expert professional will be able to inform us about the legal problem in question. If it happens that it does not finish transmitting security, it will be better to consider another option.

Good references

In advocacy, "word of mouth" is very effective. When a law firm works well and satisfies a client, that person will not hesitate to give excellent references to his friends, family or co-workers who need the services of a good lawyer. A good firm must take care of its clients and all this will result in great references.

Accessible and to inform you

A lawyer should always keep his client informed about the procedure. It is clear that you have to be patient because especially in our country, the deadlines tend to be delayed and when there is no news, there is no need to communicate. Of course, whenever there is new data, you must update your client and show a clear commitment to the case you are taking.

Obviously, you must respond to calls we make or emails, especially if you have to provide new information about our problem.


It is essential that the office is close to our home, in case we have to have frequent interviews with our lawyer. This is especially important when we live in a large city such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​it is best that our lawyer has his office in the downtown area, because access will be easier.

Another important issue is that it should be easily located, both on your website, professional email, contact phone number and clear and visible physical address, which will provide that security and trust are always so necessary.

Honesty and first positive impression
In the framework of the first meeting with the lawyer, we must get an unbeatable impression of him, otherwise, we start with a bad footing. Do not rely on lawyers to ensure 100% success.

You will have to guide us on the existing possibilities of winning, the difficulties we have to achieve it and the legal tools that will be in our favor. The honesty and honesty that he transmits to us should reinforce our intention to choose his services.

Many offices have the first free visit, something recommended. During this visit, the client can know more precisely what the process will cost and the fees of the professional in question. Each lawyer can set the fees, but you have to be sure that the rates are clear.

If you belong to a better multidisciplinary office

The hired lawyer will have to put your interests before his own. Your advice should be sincere and honest. You always have to be clear that you will be a figure that has to accompany us in the process and if you do your job well, maybe later in other experiences in the future.

For this reason, it is very useful to have professionals who are experts in various subjects or have an advisory service, if the case at hand refers to a company, for example.

As you have seen, choosing a good lawyer is not easy and if you want to have one that really has the experience, professionalism and gives us the security of a good defense of our rights or to consult our doubts.

The laws are not always easy to understand and the procedures are usually also tedious and not always easy to understand by the rightful people. All this makes placing trust in a good lawyer a choice in which you have to be as accurate as possible. Good luck in your choice.