Shine Hair Studio specializes in hair Replacement

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Shine Hair Studio specializes in hair Replacement

Shine Hair Studio has already helped hundreds of people regain their confidence and good looks with its specialized hair replacement services, products, and accessories. Shine Hair Studio specializes in hair transplantation, replacement, extensions, fibers and state-of-the-art laser treatment. Shine Hair Studio is also a major supplier of hair replacement systems and products such as tape rolls and strips, liquid adhesives, scalp protectors, adhesive removers, and a wide range of laser combs and other accessories. Our aim is to help you enjoy beautiful hair. Our solutions and products are targeted to help you to have attractive, natural looking hair.

Hair Replacement

Every day we see thousands of people suffering from the lack of confidence they show, only due to baldness. Baldness could be something horrifying or a thing which we can get accustomed to. But to overcome the situation, few techniques are needed to be applied like hair replacement. The hair replacement is a simple procedure of adding synthetic hair or a part of the additional human hair that would give volume and cover up the areas we don’t wish to visualize.  The simple procedure of hair replacement can be done in three different ways, the hair bonding, clip system and hair weaving.

Let us discuss these steps one by one to know more about the procedures and how easy are these to maintain.

Hair Bonding

Hair bonding or the artificial hair extensions is generally done as it adds length and fullness to your hair. Bonding is a method of weaving that lasts for a shorter period of time. Hair bonding involves the application of hair glue to a section of hair and onto the person’s human hair. Special hair adhesives are used in the procedure to avoid destroying the human hair. This technique is commonly used and will not have any side effects until it is performed by an expert. The hair bonding generally remains for three weeks after which the glue starts loosening up and the hair losses its attractiveness. A little step back feature is that the human hair can be permed, dyed and flat ironed whereas synthetic hair cannot be. However, the method of hair bonding is generally done to get a beautiful long and shiny hair, artificially.

Clip System

The clip system or the clip in wefts is also known as the clip in extensions which are used to add volume and length to the human hair. The clip in hair systems come as a long strand which can be later modulated as the client’s requirements and head size. When the strands are purchased, it comes along with a clip that is sewn into the natural hair. The hair is then clipped on by a stylist to give a natural look. The technique of clip system is least permanent and lacks disadvantages. Clip-ins can be worn out for an entire day however some people take it off while sleeping.

Hair Weaving

The hair weaving procedure is the braiding of the hair into thin pinch braids which are very common nowadays. The hair weaving starts with thin and little portions of the hair. The weaving can be done on extended hair as well the human hair. The artificial hair can be weaved along with the human hair to have a fully grown length and volume. The hair weaving procedure makes a braided structure on the head which looks very beautiful. Along with the braided hair, the wigs can also be used for a different hairstyle or looks altogether.

Hope the above procedures for hair replacement would give you the utmost knowledge one requires in order to plan for the technique for a better volumetric and glowing face.