Siding Repair vs. Siding Replacement? Which to choose and when?

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Siding Repair vs. Siding Replacement? Which to choose and when?

Home siding plays an important role in keeping the structural integrity of your house intact and protecting it from various climatic elements like winds, water, rain, storm and even worse. They also play an important role in enhancing the curb appeal of your house. However, due to weather abuse and general wear and tear, they start showing signs of damage and start looking dull, drab and discoloured.  

 The damage not only compromises the aesthetics of your house but also poses other dangers like water damage and other destruction to your house. This necessitates you to take steps to either replace them or repair them. The situation gets confusing to decide whether you should go for siding repair Minneapolis or head straight for their replacement. We list down a few tips that would help you decide which course to take. Stay hooked! 

 Signs When Home Siding Repair Would do the Trick  

 Siding repair is often a more cost-effective solution that repair. It also gets done much faster. Hence, it is a no brainer that it is a more popular choice and the first thought that strikes every homeowner. But it is not suitable for all occasions. The type of siding and the extent of damage decides if siding repair Minneapolis would prove effective or not. It is recommended when you notice: 

Small cracks and chips- Cracking and chipping happen more frequently than any other damage. If it is limited to a single siding panel or a small area; you can fix it easily with a repair solution. Even if you need to replace one or two pieces of siding panels; it is technically still a repair and remains a low-cost venture.  

Dents: These can also be repaired with ease like the cracks. It may also require an odd panel replacement but can be easily tackled. Thus, you can easily choose a repair option to fix all the dents issue. 

Minor to moderate mold: Molds are a tricky problem as you never know when they started or how deep they have penetrated. If you nail them when they have just started and are quite superficial; then a repair would do the job well. But if it has spread too deep, then it will inevitably lead to rot where replacement is a better solution. Hence, before making any decision here, it’s best to get it checked by a professional roofing contractor and then take a decision.  

Loose siding panels – Improper installation, strong winds, general wear, and tear, etc. are just a few of the reasons that might make the siding panels go loose. Timely detection can get them fixed easily with a repair solution.  

Signs When Home Siding Replacement is Advisable  

 If you are regularly maintaining and taking care of your roof; the chances of needing a siding replacement is minimized. Nevertheless, over time, repairing leads to a need for replacement. Let’s check out scenarios where siding replacement is a smarter decision. 

 Extensive or deep rot- We have already discussed the danger that rot could cause to the structural integrity of your house. In general, an option for a replacement solution is a wiser move to tackle the problem of rot and molds.  

Excessive maintenance- If your home siding is requiring frequent and high maintenance like painting, regular repair, etc.; then replacing it would prove more cost-effective.  

Faded or outdated siding- Intense sun rays often discolour the siding severely where a repair solution is not too effective. It can also become outdated with time as newer energy-efficient and better siding gets available in the market. You can go for a replacement option here.  

Bottom Line  

 While you can make a guess; the best part would be to have a professional roofer inspect the condition of the siding and recommend you the best and most cost-effective solution.