Significant Benefits of Using Indoor Tanning Lotions

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Significant Benefits of Using Indoor Tanning Lotions

If you do not live in a part of the world blessed with a great climate for tanning as well as just want to keep yours self-nice through the down periods when the temperatures drop, you have turned to using a sunbed.

There are a lot of ways by which you can improve your sunbed experience so that you tan better. However, one of the significant ones is using indoor tanning lotion. Bear in mind that it is not exactly a surefire way to guarantee that you tan nicely but it can be helpful. It is fascinating to know that these products can benefit you in different ways.

Moisturize Your Skin

There is great need to know that tanning tends to dry your skin out. Indoor tanning lotions such as Jwoww tanning lotion help to replenish the moisture that the skin loses while you tan. Moreover, the that is moisturized will have a healthier glow to it.

Help You to Tan Quicker

There is a general thought that indoor tanning lotions may help the skin for absorbing the UV rays quicker than without. Bear in mind that Tyrosine is the significant ingredient that many people recommend you look for while choosing indoor tanning lotions. The reason is, these lotions plays an essential role in the stimulation of natural melanin production.

Cooling Effect

It goes without saying that whether you think it is safe to tan in a sunbed or not, it may get quite hot inside one. It is considered as another significant reason why investing in a good quality indoor tanning lotion can be an excellent idea. It gives the users a pleasant tingling and cooling sensation.

Anti-ageing Properties

As we know that indoor tanning lotions are moisturizers, a lot of them also contain ingredients that may help reverse all the unpleasant signs of aging somewhat. There is great need to look for indoor lotions that contain all the essential vitamins and skin-firming agents.

Tingle effect

It is fascinating to know that some indoor tanning lotions also feature a tingle effect that feature ingredients that significantly increase the blood flow at skin level by causing a tingling sensation. These lotions are designed in order to increase the skin cell’s micro circulation along with the oxygenation. Furthermore, these products also tend to be for advanced tanners than beginners and those with sensitive skin.

Protect Against Burns

Whether you feel tanning beds are bad or good, if you are worried about uneven tanning, you must invest in a good lotion. It is fascinating to know that indoor tanning lotions often help you tan quicker. There is no need to spend as much time in the bed for excellent results as well as by reducing your chances of burning.

If you are going to use an indoor tanning lotion, it is essential to follow the particular directions of the particular product you are going to choose. It is recommended that that you should use the lotion around two to three hours before you are due at the solarium. 

Tanning without a lotion

One of the significant reasons why clients don’t apply lotion is, they believe they tan better without. There is great need to know that when tanners do not use tanning lotion, it negatively impacts skin health in the following ways:

  • Without tanning lotion, skin will become dehydrated by giving a dry and dull appearance.

  • Lipids in the skin become oxidized that results into cell damage.

  • Skin proteins become oxidized.

  • Loss of elasticity in the skin is common causing it to be less plump.

  • Bear in mind that loss of collagen speeds up the ageing process.

  • Tanning without lotion increases the production of free radicals on the skin. This can also damage the DNA in the skin and result in premature ageing.

  • Skin becomes inflamed.

As there are various products out there, it can be harder than you think choosing between one of the best indoor tanning lotions. However, it is advised to research as much as you possibly can about the multiple types of tanning lotions. Bear in mind that there are some developers, some called fixers as well as some called bronzers that may aid you tan in their own specific ways.