Silent hairdryer in Bangladesh- buying guide in 2020

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Silent hairdryer in Bangladesh- buying guide in 2020

You can trust the advice in this buying guide if you are afraid of getting lost. No matter all the technical characteristics to consider, if you do not have time to peel everything, we recommend the Philips Dry Care Advanced, an ideal model for those with rather curly hair. Indeed, this device has a fine air concentrator which does not damage them, even after several smoothings. Remington AC9096 is easy to use and gives you several alternatives information about hair dryer price in Bangladesh and thanks to its adjustable speed in 3 levels.

What are the best silent hair dryers of 2020?

Purchase guide

A silent hairdryer is the minimum tools you need to have at home if you want to show off every day with a flawless and stylish hairstyle. The models are more and more diverse nowadays, which makes the choice of this material complicated. We advise you to look at trustworthy brands, such as BaByliss and Valera.

Why choose silent models? Because by choosing a silent hairdryer, you avoid disturbing your neighbours during your styling sessions. Every morning you can change your hairstyle without disturbing others. It is especially professional hair dryers that offer this great discretion, thanks to their modern motorization.

Why choose models with an AC motor?The professional AC motor has a longer service life than conventional motors. It better supports frequent and intensive use, without risk of overheating. Your choice must, therefore, depend on your habits. Know that a model with a powerful DC motor is sufficient for your occasional needs.

To help you find the model that meets your needs, check the main characteristics of the models offered. The grid with the ceramic coating makes it possible to diffuse the hot air flow homogeneously to keep flexible and soft the hair. The ionizing system removes static electricity and makes your hair shine. The temperature and speed should be manually adjustable for drying or brushing depending on the quality and volume of your hair.

The cold air touch is essential to keep your hairstyle intact for as long as possible. For power, the best is to select models of 2000 W or more to save precious time and save energy for your hairdressing sessions. Their long power cord, hanging ring and mobile cleaning filter make silent hair dryers even more practical.

Recommended products

Philips Dry Care Advanced

Main advantage
With great power, this device allows you to quickly dry your hair. Also, this hairdryer is very quiet. It makes almost no noise when it is operating.

Main drawback
Some users feel that this hairdryer is a little too large and too heavy to be used easily. That said, it is easy to handle despite this remark made by some.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10
The Philips Dry Care Advanced is a very efficient hairdryer. Many were pleasantly surprised by the result given its price on the market. Indeed, it is one of the cheapest devices in its category.


A powerful device

One of the most important criteria when purchasing silent hair dryers is power. The more powerful it is, the better. Indeed, to be effective, a hairdryer must have this characteristic. This is measured in Watts. In general, for these types of devices, this varies between 1000 and 2400 Watts. Hairdryers whose power reaches 2000 Watts and more are considered to be efficient.

As for our product, it displays 2200 Watts. Which is way above average. It is enough to allow you to obtain an impeccable result. Note also that an overly powerful hairdryer can weaken your hair. Therefore, it is better to stay around 2500 Watts maximum. It is more than enough to achieve a result similar to those in professional hair salons.

ThermoProtect function
As we have just said, you should not exaggerate too much on the power of the device, because if you exceed the normal temperature, it may harm your hair. It is not uncommon to see some poorly designed devices that offer disastrous results for the hair. This is particularly the case when the drying temperature is abnormally high. However, this depends largely on the power of the device.

Therefore, to avoid any disappointments caused by this great power, the manufacturers of this device have equipped it with the ThermoProtect function. Its role is to guarantee an ideal drying temperature for the hair. Thus, your hair is not likely to suffer from overheating. This allows you to get the desired result.

Speed ​​and temperature setting
The drying temperature is not the same for each type of hair. This explains why, often, each or everyone chooses the model of hair dryer that he or she judges to suit his mane. But by choosing this model, you will not have this kind of problem. Indeed, this device is suitable for all types of hair. This is because its drying temperature is adjustable.

The same goes for the drying speed. This will also allow you to create the hairstyle that suits you. In all, you have a choice between 6 settings for the drying speed and temperature. Besides, this device will be delivered with 2 accessories: the fine air concentrator and the volume diffuser.