Take Your Local Service Business Online With Digital Solutions

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Take Your Local Service Business Online With Digital Solutions

Consumer’s mindset and attitude have changed and shifted dramatically towards online services in recent years. With the increasing usage of smartphones and technology in regular life, people got the opportunity to obtain services at their doorsteps quickly. Probably, this is why on-demand service startups are so popular. 


If you are engaged with a local service business and want to increase profit without adopting digital solutions, you won’t be able to survive in the coming years. For local service business owners, now it is a golden time to launch an on-demand service business because people’s inclination towards it will never reduce in the years to come. 


Today, people want everything quickly, and growing news for on-demand services comes with modern technology and features that satisfy users’ needs and adds value to their business. The introduction of cutting-edge technology and digitalization has given a chance to business owners as now they can automate certain tasks and expand their business without any geolocation boundary. 

On-demand Service Business Statistics



The above chart shows how the on-demand home service market is surging with time globally and acquiring more market share. On-demand services, with their convenience and ease, are indeed opening the doors of opportunities. (Source


This approach has overhauled traditional business tactics and enabled business owners to connect via digital mediums with consumers. Let’s have a look at some on-demand business fact and figures: 


  1. The US on-demand home service market is about a $600 billion industry and will grow by 49% before 2021 ends. 

  2. More than 22.4 million users are attracted to the on-demand economy, and the number keeps growing. 

  3. The on-demand food delivery industry is estimated to surpass $20billion in 2020.

  4. Most revenue is generated from China.


Well, the above figures show that the on-demand service industry will not face a downturn in the coming years. The reason behind it is people’s mindset and a busy lifestyle. 


Irrespective of the size and business type, everyone is taking their business online. Not only home and local service business, but restaurant owners also embraceubereats similar appto their business as it allows them to connect with more customers that eventually boost revenue and sales.  

How To Take Your Local Service Business Online


As we have said earlier, technology and smartphones make it possible for the services to become accessible 24/7, and smartphones play a major role that acts as the most essential tool of modern business. 


Developing an on-demand service appis essential to interconnect business owners, service providers, and consumers. It is crucial that consumers and clients of your business must be able to access your service anywhere, anytime. 


The well-featured app provides ubiquitous connectivity and ensures that consumers will easily find services and get it instantly. Thus, having a scalable app becomes the heart of the on-demand service business. 


As technology is evolving daily, people are obsessed with instant solutions and shortcuts so your app should have the following features to deliver a seamless user experience.


  1. Easy sign-up 

  2. Real-time tracking

  3. Smooth payment process

  4. Push notifications, and much more.


Your on-demand service app should have the above features for better usability. For example, it is necessary to implement multiple payment options; this builds customer loyalty and ensures transactions are fast and secure. 

Spread The Word About Your On-demand Business


These days, we are living a digital life. When it comes to promoting your newly launched on-demand service business, there are a plethora of strategies you can consider for better outcomes. 


The best way to increase brand loyalty and promote your business is through social media. There are more than 2.3 billion people active on social media, and it is one of the progressive marketing strategies used by digital marketing experts these days because it enables your business to connect with thousands of people. 


If you want to promote your business online, you should consider the following marketing tactics that might better suit your new startup business. 


SEO( Search Engine Optimization)allows people to find and locate your business on the web when they search for any services. 


Paid Advertisementsvia Google, Facebook, and other search engines that increase visibility and allow you to hit the market. 


Social Media Marketingthat allows business owners to engage with thousands of people and boost online presence. 


Above are the popular techniques that help you stay active and connected in the competitive business world. Moreover, online reviews are also important. According to a study conducted by BrightLocal, nearly 9 in 10 consumers read online feedback on online service business, and more than 75% of them used those reviews before requesting any service. 


Online promotional activities are something that helps you get more customers, but that is not going to happen overnight; you have to invest time and money. 



Today, on-demand service apps have penetrated all sectors and spheres, including food, transport, home-service, health, and so on. Earlier, when you roam around the streets to find a handyman. Today, we have apps and advanced technologies to get everything at our doorsteps with a single click. 


If you want to maximize your local service business's profitability, adopting digital solutions will reap you many benefits and flourish your business in the age of the Internet. 


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