Test and opinion on the Dhakacolo host in 2020

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Test and opinion on the Dhakacolo host in 2020

When you want to create a website, it's miles critical to pick a host that offers a stable and professional service. Only, you still must recognize which one to choose among the many companies in the marketplace. In this regard, we've recently found a dealer that is pretty preferred utilizing the public. Through our evaluation of Dhakacolo, you may learn extra about the nice of its service.

About Dhakacolo

Created in 2006, Dhakacolo is an internet host based in Bangladesh. It is less recognized than Hostinger and PlanetHoster, which are taken into consideration by the giants of this quarter. Nevertheless, it continues to advantage esteem each with people and groups. Its predominant goal is to provide each client with a complete hosting answer, supported via efficient customer service.

It has the gain of providing bendy and reasonably-priced web hosting offerings, that are powered by way of inexperienced and renewable energy. This indicates the provider's commitment to protecting the environment wherein we stay. Many users testify to its seriousness and the fluidity of its offers. We will supply our own opinion in this afterward.

We can assure you that you will no longer be disappointed. Indeed, this supplier invests in servers and advanced technology.

Also, it gives its clients with superior electronic mail control equipment and an easy-to-use web site builder. Without further ado, we are going to contact on the primary aspect of our Dhakacolo 2020 assessment, pricing.

Our opinion at the available offers

With the many superb remarks from clients, our opinion at the pricing of Dhakacolo appears very enthusiastic.

This provider provides pretty differently gives, which permits it to meet even the maximum worrying customers. On its legitimate website, there are four web hosting formulas: Shared, WordPress, VPS, and Reseller.

We regret, however, the shortage of devoted website hosting, something Hostinger, and PlanetHoster offer.

Web hosting

To get started in creating websites, this formula will fit your needs. It is to be had in three distinct charges. Firstly, there is the Novice provide, perfect for a simple website or a simple blog. It charges € 2.95 / month and affords to get admission to one hundred GB SSD garage. For small enterprise owners, you may be interested in the Business plan.

It additionally expenses € 2.95 / month, however, offers get admission to unlimited garage. This permits you to apply and replace your hosting account without incurring extra garage expenses.

This is a fantastic point concerning our opinion on Dhakacolo 2020. We then locate the Business Plus offer billed at € 9.95 / month. In addition to unlimited storage, you'll benefit from improved performance and security conditions.

Still, questioning what are the advantages of shared hosting? In this example, study our article on the issue.

WordPress website hosting

This formula is supposed for WordPress fanatics. The CMS is already preinstalled and geared up to use with over a hundred loose issues. But before accessing it, you must select among the to be had offers: WP Novice, WP Business, and WP Business Plus . During our Dhakacolo test, we observed that the fees are the same as the costs of shared web hosting plans.

The simplest difference is in the WP Business provide, which is available at € four. Ninety-five / month. On the aspect of the characteristics, in particular the garage space, it's also the equal component.

However, if you pick WP Business, you will benefit from the Jetpack Premium and other additional services such as integrated Google Analytics. Let's circulate on to the next method in our full evaluation of Dhakacolo 2019.

VPS website hosting

With this host, you furthermore might have the opportunity of growing your enterprise on a sturdy digital personal server. You can have to get admission to dedicated sources with optimized SSDs.

On this problem, our opinion is completely nice. To try this, you can select from 5 offers: Plus (€ 19.Ninety nine / month), Pro (€ 39.99 / month), Premium (€ 109.99 / month), Ultra (€ 149.99 / month) ) and Extreme (249 € / month).

Compared to the prices supplied through Hostinger for its VPS website hosting, we have to admit that those charges are very high.

However, the capabilities supplied are commendable. Depending on the offer chosen, you can burn up to 12 Cores CPU, 24 GB of RAM and 1 TB of SSD garage. Also, you may be entitled to an outsourcing carrier, an aspect that we favored throughout our test of Dhakacolo.

Get a fast, unrivaled Dedicated VPS hosting Bangladesh. Best for Corporate Web Hosting, Application, Database Hosting, and limitless Reseller Hosting.

Reseller Hosting

For businesses, graphic designers and corporations, this supplier additionally gives a reseller website hosting provider. This lets in you to host and manipulate an infinite variety of websites from an unmarried, unified WHM manage panel. It is also an amazing point for our opinion on Dhakacolo in 2020. But for that, you have to first subscribe to one of the five offers to be had.

These are the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium offers, which price respectively € 19. Ninety-five / month, € 27. Ninety-five / month, € 39.Ninety-five / month, € 59.95 / month and seventy-nine.Ninety-five € / month.

Depending on the provider chosen, the SSD garage you'll benefit from may be up to two hundred Gb. However, the costs of Dhakacolo do no longer yet same the expenses of Hostinger and PlanetHoster. You will soon have our opinion on this pricing.

30 days cash again guarantee

Regarding the cash-again assure, our opinion on Dhakacolo is extra or much less wonderful. The operator has included in all of its plans 30-day money-again assure length.

Thus, the purchaser has time to test the best of the hosting carrier. However, this is not genuinely a first, because it is an assured this is now located in most companies. Besides, it seems that the host is surely looking to prevent you from claiming it. You may, therefore, locate your self trapped despite your self.

Editorial verdict

Dhakacolo's pricing is cheap, however, it isn't as fine as that presented using Hostinger or 


Also, these carriers even provide free web hosting, which gives get admission to thrilling functions. However, before giving our very last opinion, we can present the opposite components of this carrier company.

What are the principle features?

After presenting the pricing and offers of the host, we will now cross into the element. To this quit, we will provide our opinion on the main traits of the supplier.

These encompass garage area, domain call, number of websites and email addresses, and so forth. We have already given the storage area for every lodging formulation previously.

Domain call

Dhakacolo provides unfastened registration of a domain name for the first 12 months of web hosting. Once this era has exceeded, it turns into payable.

In this regard, our opinion on this host in 2020 is not completely favorable. PlanetHoster, as an instance, gives a free area call for lifestyles, whilst you choose it The World package deal, which is offered from € 6 incl. Tax / month.

The operator offers you the possibility of choosing a suitable area call to create your website online. For this motive, you've got the selection among the traditional extensions like.Com, Ecu, Fr and. Internet.

However, you may also discover new horizons with extensions such as. Cloud, Membership and.On-line. On this point, our opinion on Dhakacolo is instead even if at the feed side, it's far possible to find better.

Indeed, the fees provided are a piece high in keeping with us. While the.Xyz and. Online extensions are handy at only 0.Ninety nine € / 12 months at Hostinger, they cost among 3. Ninety-nine € / 12 months and 4.99 € / year at Dhakacolo.

The rate difference is truly apparent. It will consequently be useful with a purpose to know which you have the opportunity of transferring a domain call for free with this dealer.

Number of websites

The range of web sites that you could host relies upon at the formula and the website hosting plan selected. As we talked about, or take a look at Dhakacolo discovered that the characteristics are practically equal at the level of the Shared and WordPress answers. For basic gives, notably Novice and WP Novice, you can handiest host web sites.

On the opposite hand, from the Business and WP Business plans, the provider does no longer impose any restriction on the number of web sites. This is likewise the case for all VPS and Reseller lodging offers.

This is a positive factor for our opinion on Dhakacolo 2019. You can even migrate a website without spending a dime from one host to another. The PapaSquad carrier will help you with configuration and transfer.

Email addresses

The identical principle applies to e-mail accounts. With the primary gives, Novice and WP Novice, you'll be entitled to 100 email addresses. From the Business and WP Business plans, you will advantage from unlimited e-mail money owed. For VPS and Reseller accommodation programs, the supplier does no longer impose limits both. Here again, our opinion on Dhakacolo is right.

Apart from that, Dhakacolo additionally offers resourceful messaging solutions, perfect for small business proprietors.

This is an aspect that we substantially liked at some stage in our take a look at because not all companies have it. We will give you more details a bit underneath. For now, permit's gift the alternative functions.


To assist you to increase the ability of your website, the operator affords MySQL five.6 databases. All accommodation options offer access.

But once more, the quantity varies relying on the provider selected. Our Dhakacolo test confirmed that you want an advanced plan to gain from almost unlimited databases.

These are the primary characteristics of this host. As you may see, he's doing pretty nicely. We wish it is going to be identical in terms of technical performance. This is exactly the following aspect that we can address in our full evaluation of Dhakacolo 2019.