The Best Rice Cooker In Bangladesh In 2020

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The Best Rice Cooker In Bangladesh In 2020

Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker 1.8L Automatic Shutdown

Russell Hobbs 19750-56 is a rice cooker model with a power of 700 Watts. This allows you to get the rice cooked just minutes after putting it in the cooker.

Black in colour, this model has a brushed steel finish that gives it a surprising elegance. Its high strength guarantees long-term use.

Despite its capacity to contain a large amount of rice each time it is cooked, this model is very compact, its length is limited to 28.7 cm, its width at 28.5 cm and its height at 23 cm. This allows you to easily integrate it into your kitchen without taking up a lot of space.

The bowl of this model is large enough, with a capacity of 1.8 l, to save time by preparing a large quantity of rice once. It is removable and is coated with a nonstick material for easy cleaning.

Its lid is very elegant glass so you can easily control the evolution of cooking.

As for accessories, it comes with a steam basket, a measuring cup and a plastic spoon. The steam basket allows you to cook with the rice of fish or vegetables at the same time. Measuring glass allows knowing the amount of water used and the spoon allows to extract the cooked rice cooker.

So if right now you're wondering how to choose the product that's right for you among the best rice cooker price in Bangladesh of 2020, it's the model for you.

The Russell Hobbs brand is a reference for food lovers. It is therefore normal to find the 19750-56 in the ranking of popular rice cookers of the public. It is equipped with a very convenient automatic shutdown function to successfully cook rice. It is also easy to maintain.

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Practical: The automatic shutdown function will provide a perfectly cooked rice. The nonstick coating will facilitate the maintenance of the appliance.

Steam basket: This accessory will be perfect for leather your fish or vegetables steamed.


No recipe book provided: Customers would have appreciated that the device comes with some recipes.

Instant Pot IP-DUO60

By using Instant Pot IP-DUO60, you will not have to deal with hissing pots or temperature adjustments. This intelligent device makes the necessary adjustments alone. This is a 7 in 1 model that you are free to use to cook several varieties of food, simmer, make yoghurts or warm-up. By investing in your purchase, you are depriving yourself of an additional expense to purchase cooking equipment that can accomplish one or other of these tasks.

This product comes with a control screen and is equipped with 14 programs that are integrated. It is easy to follow the evolution of cooking and to choose the type of preparation that you would like to achieve thanks to the presence of this component. This item works at double pressure and can automatically keep food at the desired temperature.

As a result, even the most difficult foods can be processed quickly and you can concentrate on other occupations after cooking without seeing the cooked item cool down. This model is provided with 10 security mechanisms that have all been tested. Also, it is energy efficient.

This pressure cooker stands out for its practicality and its performance even if it also has rare weak points.

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More heat regulation: By using this model, you no longer have to adjust the heat continues to get the desired cooking result, as this equipment does it for you.

A 7 in 1 device: This device allows you to cook, simmer, rice leather, skip, make yoghurts, cook with steam and heat.

Programmable: This equipment allows you to access up to 15 different programs and it can achieve automatic temperature maintenance if you do not want to table immediately.


Buttons in English: Rare subjects who experience the use of this article at this time find it a little embarrassing that its buttons are in English.