The Golden Eagle Festival of Mongolia

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The Golden Eagle Festival of Mongolia

Mongolia is a country in East Asia. It is located between Russia and China. Mongolia is popular for its lots of attractions and also has the great rich history. It is known for its visual arts, architecture, music, Mongolian cuisine, Mongolia sports, and festivals. Mongolian festivals are very nice. Let us discuss the Golden Eagle Festival of Mongolia. As per the name, it seems pretty interesting that and when I came to know about it on Mongolia tour packages; I was quite excited and imagined the eagle to be Golden in color.

What is it about?

It is an animal festival and celebrated as per the tradition. There are eagle hunters called as Kazakh Eagle hunters. The festival is the celebration of their heritage. It is done by competing to catch the small animals. These small animals are foxes and hares. They are caught with the help specially trained golden eagles.

What does it show?

The good eagle festival is the exhibition of the skills. The skills of the birds, as well as their trainers, are showcased. The winner is the one who has the maximum of speed, agility, and accuracy. Besides these qualities, there is one more thing for which there is an award. It is the best traditional Kazakh dress.

When is it held?

The golden eagle festival is organized amid the first weekend in the month of October.

Who organizes it?

It is organized by the Mongolian Eagle Hunter's Association.

The activities with the festival

There is an opening ceremony, cultural exhibition, parade, demonstrations, etc exactly in the center of the town of Olgii. After the ceremony, there are sporting activities and other competitions. This competitions and activities take place 4 kilometers out of the town towards the mountains. There are other sporting activities also; horse racing, archery, and Bushkashi. Bushkashi is a highly entertaining sport. There is goatskin tug of war on horseback.

The backdrop

The festival and the activities take place in the backdrop of the mountainous region. There are dark and Rocky Mountains surrounding the area where the celebration takes place.

The Costumes/Dresses

The trainers of the birds are dressed in traditional hunting regalia. They are on groom decorated horses.

Two Way best eagle awards

There are too best eagle awards. Best eagle award at hunting prey and best eagle award at locating its owner from a distance.

The Challenge

It is a popular sport over there and everybody who comes here on Mongolia holiday package loves to attend it. There is a big challenge in it. A bird naturally tries to catch its prey; this is common but to make it do so in a game is pretty more challenging. Besides the more difficult challenge is to judge them on the parameter that whether they will be able to recognize their trainers or not. Under normal circumstances, it may be easier but it is not so easy when it comes to recognizing your trainer when the entire trainer is dressed in the same manner.