The Most Popular Brands Of Vacuum Cleaners Are

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The Most Popular Brands Of Vacuum Cleaners Are

Cleaning will no longer be a chore thanks to hand vacuums. Light, small and ergonomic, these devices slide easily into the most difficult to reach areas and ensure flawless cleanliness thanks to their high suction power. If you are planning to invest in this equipment, know that the many models on the market are not all reliable. To make a good deal, opt for branded hand vacuums. Through this article, we can know the floor cleaner price in Bangladesh. There are many famous vacuum cleaner available in Bangladesh. Such as:

Black & Decker

Black & Decker is a well-known company, founded in 1910 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker. In 2010, this American company merged with the Stanley Works group to become one of the world's largest companies in the manufacture of DIY tools, gardening and small appliances. A collaboration that has borne fruit, because today it is one of the reference brands in its field.

Compact, practical and efficient, the Black & Decker vacuum cleaners have won over the public from the start, and for good reason, innovative design, superior quality and impressive power combine to create exceptional appliances, deep cleaning your carpets, your carpets or your furniture.


Based in Amsterdam, the Philips brand begins its history on May 15, 1891. It has built its reputation by offering quality devices with intelligent and innovative features. This Dutch company is distinguished by its high-end products combining cutting-edge technology and practicality.

Philips excels in his field. Today, the group has a full range of products in home appliances, health and lighting. Among the favourites of the users are the brand's hand vacuums. Fans of impeccable cleaning will love these small devices, powerful, ergonomic and reliable. They aspire everything: dust, crumbs, animal hair, etc.


Electrolux is a Swedish company, founded in 1910. In perpetual innovation and passionate about intelligent design, the brand has joined the ranks of the most important companies in household appliances in recent years. Indeed, Electrolux strives to give its customers efficient, elegant and above all simple and pleasant to use.

Electrolux manufactures and distributes various household appliances, including electric ovens, washing machines, refrigerators and dishwashers. Handheld vacuums are among the brand's flagship products. Thanks to their cyclonic action, they get rid of crumbs and debris that dirty your carpets, rugs and furniture. They also have an ergonomic handle for a good grip.


The engineer James Dyson was tired of using non-functional appliances, especially since for him, the cleanliness of the house is crucial for comfort and well-being. Having developed the technology of cyclonic aspiration, he created his own company in 1991 and gave it his name: Dyson. Close to its customers since its beginnings, this English brand is today one of the best in its sector of activity.

Specializing in home appliances, this brand mainly designs vacuums, hairdryers, hand dryers and fans. Without loss of power, Dyson hand vacs are perfect for cleaning the house like the car. In addition to their performance, they also adopt a contemporary design


H.Koenig starts his story in 1960. Today, the brand benefits from more than 50 years of experience, as well as 50 years of research and innovation. A specialist in small household appliances, H.Koenig is one of the few companies to offer the most comprehensive range of home products. Kitchen robots, bread grates, vacuum cleaners, steam generators, waffle irons ... the different H.Koenig appliances are renowned for their quality, ease of use and innovative design.

Perfectionist, H.Koenig offers hand vacuums in his image. With an intelligent function, they effectively clean furniture, shelves, tables and every nook of your home. Crumbs and any fine particles will not be able to withstand their power.