The Most Popular Rice Cooker Brands In 2020

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The Most Popular Rice Cooker Brands In 2020

The most popular brands

 Cooking rice over a fire can become complicated if you do not have the necessary knowledge about the ratio of the amount of water to the amount of rice in a container. In these cases, it is better to turn to rice cooker prices in BD. But again, you have to make a wise brand choice. If you are not very knowledgeable in this area, read the following lines. The details of the most prominent brands are developed.

Tristar is a brand specialized in the manufacture of kitchen appliances. If the brand turns more towards production and leaves the marketing to other entities, it is for a good reason. She wants to focus on providing good quality to her users. This quality can be noticed through the durability and resistance of the components of its devices. Rice cookers are known for their ease of use. The only problem is that by being used, the metal basin is quickly damaged. At Tristar, the life of this component is longer and different volumes of rice cookers are also available.


Another brand specializing in the manufacture of household appliances: Tefal. This name is certainly not unknown to you. Indeed, this is a brand that you have already seen on a culinary device. The reason is that Tefal has existed for more than 60 years and throughout these years of existence, it has seduced many lovers of cooking. If this brand was able to reach and maintain this high level of notoriety, it is because it has been able to offer the market what it was looking for. It is mainly about the simplicity of the use of kitchen items and the pleasure that results. So, if you choose Tefal as a rice cooker, you will enjoy good cooking quality.


As its name suggests, at Cuisinart, art meets the kitchen to amaze the view and taste buds of its users. Note that the activities of this brand revolve around the manufacture of various household appliances. As products, you have especially espresso machines, juice extractors or cupcake machines. Whether for elaborate preparations or simple meals, you can find suitable devices at Cuisinart. But in the end, the house ensures exceptional cooking.


Sencor was established in 1969. Its policy from the start was to manufacture products based on the needs and demands of its customers. Only after the design and manufacturing techniques are worked. It should be recalled that the first product of the sign was a cassette player. It seduced many people in a country and it is only after the number of productions has been revised upwards. The first sales served as a test to improve the other copies and to see if a market existed. For information, the other products of the brand are care appliances and kitchen appliances. They all underwent the same test before being marketed.

The Domoclip brand specializes in the manufacture of extraordinary kitchen appliances. What makes it special is the appearance and the bright colors of its different products. They will bring more warmth to your kitchen. However, do not dwell on the aesthetic aspect of these devices, because underneath their coatings, you have an innovative technology that has each time its particularities. In general, it aims to facilitate the accomplishment of your culinary tasks. Another specificity of Domoclip is that it develops a new range each year. Another range that will serve to bring a touch of fantasy to your everyday life.

Moulinex MK151100

With a power of 500 watts, Moulinex MK151100 has been designed to allow you to quickly cook rice for a result both tasty and well structured. This power guarantees the speed of cooking. Which compares it to the best rice cooker on the market.

It allows leather up to 1.2kg of rice which corresponds to preparation for 10 people during single cooking. This allows you to save a lot of time with each preparation.

The cooking result is always perfect regardless of the type of rice to be cooked, Thai, basmati, brown rice or wild rice. When the cooking is over, keep it warm for two hours if you are not ready to eat.

This model is easy to maintain. Cleaning is only done with a sponge stroke that requires minimal effort on your part.

To facilitate the extraction of the rice cooker, this model comes with a spoon. It is also accompanied by a steamer basket and a backrest to ensure a better quality of cooking by avoiding that the rice is dried out. The lid, spoon, basket and measuring cup can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

By taking the time to compare the best rice cookers on the market, your attention will probably and rightfully be drawn to the Moulinex MK151100. With this device, your whole family will enjoy perfectly cooked rice.

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Effective: It is able to cook all kinds of rice, be it brown, basmati, wild or Thai, for about 10 people.

Maintenance: The maintenance of Moulinex MK151100 is not difficult because it can be cleaned with a simple blow of sponge. The spoon, the lid, the measuring cup, and the steam basket can be directly put in the dishwasher.


Dry Rice:Warming up mode after full water absorption may eventually dry the rice if left too long.