The Secrets And Techniques Of The Image Series, Approach, Consistency, Effect

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The Secrets And Techniques Of The Image Series, Approach, Consistency, Effect

How to expand your creativity and take photos out of the ordinary? How to emerge as a valued photographer and show thrilling pics? How to move from the fame of a simple novice to that of a professional photographer?

This is what Frédéric Lanfragin attempts to give an explanation for to you with the realistic manual The secrets of the photograph collection.

To hell with the approach?

This practical manual does no longer start with a chapter on photo method and preference of gadget. No? No, and that's correct because coping with the secrets and techniques of the photo series is exercising that calls for a feel of commentary plenty extra than a method ( rest confident, Chapter five includes a passage on the selection of fabric and format… ).

Creating an image collection is working your purpose first and most important. The goal of the photographer - David duChemin speaks very well too - that's what will take you from the stage of camera consumer to that of the photographer.

What you have to keep in mind from this ebook by Frédéric Landragin is that an image series isn't a series of pictures taken one after the opposite and which collects in your computer. It is even quite the alternative if you depend upon what is written in Chapter 5, "  photographing for a chain ".

A photograph collection is a visible production that you need to construct over time and on occasions. It is a chunk of hazard however peculiarly work of guidance and reflection once inside the discipline. It is also a protracted-term task, the image record aside which frequently lasts less.

The standards that make an awesome photograph collection

An image series is based on 6 major criteria:

a context

a topic


a rhythm


brotherly love

I refer you to the distinctive chapters of the guide to research greater about every one of those standards. But be conscious that the entire may be very detailed and which you can't finish studying this guide without leaving a bit converted ( it's far thrilling to consult educational books… ).

The secrets and techniques of the photograph series, technique, consistency, impact my component, I preferred the tone of the paintings wherein the author emphasizes the picture extra than its "  technical fabrication ", on the technique and the effect of a chain of pix. It is an e-book to be reread frequently to swallow the enormous marrow…

Learn to build an image collection

To recognize how to construct a sequence is that it allows you to sufficiently grasp the photo method to better move far away from it however additionally and chiefly if you want to feel, visualize, have feelings. An easy accumulation of snapshots of equal difficulty is not necessarily a sequence, it's miles a set of snapshots.

Just as there's no picture collection without the aim to shoot, there is no collection without modifying and submit-processing. Sorting and classifying the snapshots, as well as their processing, participate inside the production of the collection at least as much as the taking pictures.

Examples of image collection

Finally, because not anything replaces the example with the photograph, you locate within the closing part of the guide numerous collection amongst which:


images of youngsters

a warm air balloon record

animal moments

city and underwater pics


display images

So many possibilities to find out how others deal with topics that might be acquainted with you.

As each of the works inside the “Les secrets de…” series, this practical manual may be very nicely illustrated (it's miles vital to speak about collection than seeing many pix…) and the author offers the delight of the region to the advice to keep in mind. I urge you to take notes so that you can re-study them within the discipline because it is in which all of it starts evolved!

What to keep in mind from the image collection' Les Secrets manual?

If you're already pretty a good deal on top of things of your SLR, that you may take quality photos in maximum conditions, but you locate that your picture production still lacks person, I propose you to read this manual without a similar delay.

You will find out how to build a subject in place to let your self be beaten by using the present second. You will discover ways to paintings on your gaze and your memory to complete existing series on all events. And you may learn how to type and classify your pix before giving them a uniform rendering. A fine software in angle right?

Travel photographs, the way to do, training, technique, terrain, sharing

Do you like journey pix but you do not genuinely recognize a way to get out of formerly seen pictures? Are your initial effects disappointing? Missing thoughts for bringing again interesting pics?

Céline Jentzsch travels the world often and gives you a lot of guidelines in The secrets and techniques of tour images.

Travel pictures, a recommendation from a Pro

I met Céline Jentzsch on the 2015 Paris Photo Fair. She came to present her journey photographs and to provide convention individuals plenty of suggestions. His paintings had just been launched using Eyrolles versions and I have had time to undergo it in the element.

Writing one of these manual is a complex exercising: whilst you travel and you are a little touchy to the photographic element, it is difficult to explain for to others how to continue, what to do or not to do because it's miles frequently very non-public ( see recommendations for a hit pics while touring ).

Some will say "  it turned into sufficient to be in the right place at the right time, the rest is good fortune. ". Still, others will claim that "  through being in places like that, all people take stunning pics!" ". And but not absolutely everyone brings back stunning tour photographs ( it takes place to me too, I guarantee you… )…

Céline Jentzsch has taken up the challenge and offers you a series of guidelines that variety from arrangements before the ride to sorting and processing of pictures at the manner again. Between the two?

The way to land and locate places

the way to bear in mind the climate situations

how to correctly show your pics and adjust your digital camera

a way to play with light

Beyond these technical concerns, Céline Jentzsch has also taken the time to element the specific subjects that you may come upon all through your travels:

human beings and how to method them

landscapes and while to picture them

the city surroundings and the city lighting

places of worship, festivals and scenes from ordinary life

near-u.S.A.And vital information to encompass for your collection

Finally, because the journey photograph is a manner of telling a story, that of your journey, you may locate in chapter 6 the whole lot you need to know to build a photographic report:

outline problem

build the railroad

organize the series of photographs

body with textual content

The set is illustrated with many photographs of the author - can we accompany you for the following Celine ride ?? - which pleasantly complement the textual causes.

You will even discover some inserts in which other traveling photographers have the opportunity to specific themselves and share their advice and photos. It is an interesting extra light as the difficulty can be dealt with in another way depending on the sensitivity of each.

By browsing this guide, you will learn how to prepare your trip properly, but also the way to take beneficial photographs while you are there so you can take the right pix at the proper time. We all experienced this sense after getting back from a trip whilst we discovered our photos, telling ourselves that we had missed out on this or that and that it turned into too past due.

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