The world's Best Rice Cooker in 2020

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The world's Best Rice Cooker in 2020

Tefal RK103811 Classic Rice Cooker

The capacity of this device is equivalent to 5 litres. It allows cooking food to satisfy at the same time 10 to 15 people. Whether you are a large family or you live in small numbers in a home, you can still be satisfied using this article. The metallic black colour of this model makes it's exterior look pleasant to see. This simplifies its insertion among other equipment that decorate a kitchen.

Also, the design of this product is compact so you can store it without any difficulty. Besides, the device has an automatic heating system. You do not have to watch the cooking if you have other tasks to do and when everyone is ready to eat, the meal is always at the right temperature.

Tefal RK103811 proposes to be a cooking material that is simple to handle, but practical to use especially for people living in considerable numbers in a home.

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Large capacity:The capacity of 5 litres of this model can feed at the same time up to 10 to 15 people indicating its adaptability to large families.

The compactness: The design of this device is compact despite the importance of its volume so that it is easy to store and find a place in a kitchen.

Keep warm function: You have the choice to take care of other tasks during and after cooking because when you sit down to table the rice is always in the hot state.


The material: The plastic that constitutes the steam basket is not the ideal material for this product according to some users who find that it can be hot.

Seb RK100801 New Classic 10 Cups Rice Cooker

Seb RK100801 is a rice cooker model suitable for a whole family for simple and automatic cooking.

It allows you to cook any type of rice so that you do not separate from your habits regardless of the means used to cook. It also allows you to cook different types of cereals, quinoa, bulgur or millet for faster cooking and a perfect result.

Once cooked, it stops and automatically keeps your rice warm. This allows you to perform other tasks without having to monitor its operation.

The bowl of this model is removable and is compatible with the dishwasher for easy cleaning after each use. It is covered with nonstick material so you can easily remove the rest of the food that sticks to it.

It has an external steam basket allowing you to cook a combination of vegetables, poultry or fish. This is very convenient and allows you to save time with each preparation.

Its power is 710Watts which constitutes a guarantee of the speed of the realization of the cooking and the impeccability of the result obtained. What compares this model to the best Seb rice cooker price in Bangladesh and the best cheap rice cooker on the market.

For many users, Seb is the best brand of the rice cooker. No wonder his Seb model RK100801 is so successful. It has a capacity of 1.5 litres and has an automatic mode as well as an automatic hot mode.

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Rice and cereals: This Seb RK100801 is the most successful model for cooking all types of cereals (bulgur, spelt, millet, quinoa etc.) and rice.

Large capacity:This unit is perfect for large families. Indeed, thanks to its capacity of 1.5 litres, it can prepare rice for 10 to 12 people.

Practical:Thanks to its automatic mode, you will be able to prepare a perfectly cooked rice with a good texture, even if you are not a cooking pro. The cooker also has an auto warm mode.

External steam basket: This accessory, besides being very practical, will also allow you to save money. Indeed, this basket allows you to simultaneously cook other foods (fish, vegetables etc.) with steam.


No system On / Off: To turn off the device, it will disconnect its power cable, which is inconvenient, in the opinion of users.