Tips and hints on how to save time when moving

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Tips and hints on how to save time when moving

Time can be precious when moving in a hurry. However, if you’re not moving often, or this is your first to move house, you can be confused with all the things you need to do. And it’s absolutely okay to feel that way. Luckily, there are ways to save time when moving and manage all the relocation tasks along with the everyday chores. In this article, we’ll help you do the relocation tasks many fasters, and stay organized until the last moment of your move. Reading our tips will help you avoid spending hours in packing and taking care of other responsibilities that go together with moving. Finally, you’ll be enjoying your new home in no time!

Have a proper schedule to save time when moving

Staying organized until the last moment of the movie is a precious little tip on how to save time when moving. A good checklist of all the things you need to do will help you manage to do everything and therefore avoiding problems and spending more time than it’s necessary. However, it is important to plan everything time-efficiently. This means your relocation-moving process should start around 2 months before the moving day. This way you’ll have enough time to finish your moving errands along with your everyday chores and therefore avoid any last-minute problems that can only extend the moving time.

Start cleaning in advance

It’s much easier and faster to pack in a clean environment. That’s why you shouldn’t leave the cleaning part for the last moment, until after the packing. Be sure to clean your home or office in advance, and this way you can save a ton of time when the packing starts.

Declutter before you pack

If you have enough time before the moving day, it’s good to declutter your home before you start packing, too. This includes removing all the items that are no longer in use, that are damaged or worn out. You can either dedicate a day just to this task or declutter as you go – room by room. We are sure that almost every home has this kind of things that only take precious space – and precious time when packing for moving. So, to save time when moving (and money when paying your moving fees) be sure to get rid of the unwanted items. You can either donate, recycle or sell – be sure to sell them online since it is a more time-saving option. As you sort out the unwanted items, you will be getting your belongings ready for the relocation, too. So this is a double time-saver!

Pack wisely

Packing is the moving task that can make you disorganized and therefore help you waste more time than it’s actually necessary. Here are some main packing tips that can help you save time when moving.

Start packing systematically

You need to have a system when packing. This will help you stay efficient and therefore save a lot of time. One of the ways to do it is to pack room by room. Be sure to start from the room you don’t really use every day, and work your way towards the most important rooms until the last day of packing.


Be sure to have a system when packing in order to save time when moving. This will also help you out when the time comes to unpack, too. It’s best to pack similar items together, or as we mentioned, items that go into the same room. Furthermore, labeling each box is very useful, especially when packing fragile items. You can write down the items you packed – this is especially handy when unpacking. Also, you can mark the boxes with different colors. This way you and your movers will know where to put each box, which will make moving much faster.

Prepare the wired items

Save time when moving by unplugging and tying the cords of your electronic devices and appliances, such as the fridge, TV, lamps, etc. This way you will speed up the process and have the items ready to be taken out of your home.

Clear the way

Another way to make the moving faster is to prepare your home for the movers. This means clearing the way for them to take the boxes and carry them outside. It's best to place the boxes close to the walls and have the way clear for the moving out process.

Have enough of packing supplies

One of the things that will take away your time is going back and forth to the store to buy additional packing supplies. That’s why you should stock up in advance, and have everything ready when you start packing. Go through your items and see how many boxes you need, as well as the wrapping paper, tape, markers, scissors, packing paper, etc. This will make sure that you can finish packing on time, without any delays.

Have the floor plan ready

Another tip that will save time when moving is having the floor plan of your new place ready. This way you can see where your furniture will go, and map the new place out. So, when the moving day comes, you will just place the items in the right place, without them sitting in the middle of the room and being an obstacle.

The best way to save when moving – hire a moving company

Trusting your relocation to someone professional is the best way to have a fast move. An experienced moving company like AM Moving Company Dallasknows all the tricks on packing and carrying the items, which saves a lot of time compared to your learning along the way. If you don’t have a lot of experience, the whole process can last much longer than expected so hiring someone who knows what they’re doing is the best option there is.

Remember: Don’t hire the first company you come across. Be sure to get professional house removal services from a reliable company.

Don’t rush!

Even when you are trying to save time when moving, it’s important not to rush. Doing things in a hurry may lead to forgetting something important, or damaging the items when packing. Take your time and remember – the organization is the key!