Top 3 Electric Motorcycle For Sale In 2019- Buy Right Now!

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Top 3 Electric Motorcycle For Sale In 2019- Buy Right Now!

Electric motorcycles are the new sensation among bike lovers. The vehicle industry has been taken to the storm since these bikes came to the market. According to a report, nearly 10 million electric motorcycles are registered in the US. If you have also set your heart to treat yourself with the best one, then here is what you need to know. We have provided a list of 3 Best Electric Motorcycle for sale in 2019. Go through, pick the one and start your ride!

Top Electric Motorcycle For Sale

When electric motorbikes came to market, a number of people criticized. The rumor was like battery backup won't let you travel far, or these bikes will be too weak, and there will be an issue with the quality. But breaking the buzz, electric motorcycles never fail to surprise us. Moreover, the new breeds are enough to give fierce competition to a regular bike.

However, cutting to the chase, let's have the glimpse of our list now.

Harley Davidson LiveWire

The giant of motorcycles, Harley Davidson, will start a new era once the LiveWire from Harley becomes available. In August of this year, bikers are going to witness the beginning of the revolution in the motor vehicle industry. You can have the bike just by spending $29,799 bucks! Though the price is a little high, it never goes offbeat for the bike enthusiasts. 

The brand has designed this bike, keeping the young generation in mind. So you can expect it to be crafted with all improvised features. Have a look at the features and specs now.

Harley Davidson LiveWire key features

  • Can cover 0-60mph in 3 seconds

  • Requires 1 hour of charge using Standard DC Fast Charging


Range (city): 140 miles (225 km)

Speed: 95 mph (153 km/h)

Torque: 52 ft-lb (71 Nm)

Power: 74 hp (55 kW)

Weight: 460 lb (210 kg)

Brutus V9

If you are in search of a fusion of classic look, amazing speed, and stability in a bike, Brutus V9 is here to fulfill your requirements. Not only the speed and look, but also you will get all-Amerian cruiser comfort in this bike. And what can be best for a long ride then a cruiser! 

Think before you let this option go from your wished bike list. This powerful machine will come with a lot of offers. So you can make most out of your long ride with this one of the best electric bikes- Brutus V9.

Brutus V9 key features

  • Can cover 270 miles with a single charge


Range (city): 280 miles (450 km)

Top speed: 115 mph (185 km/h)

Torque: 277 ft-lb (375 Nm)

Power: 125 hp (93 kW)

Weight: 784 lb (355 kg)

Vespa Elettrica

Electric scooters are not far away to provide you with the most enjoyable ride like a motorcycle. Vespa Elettrica is one of the Best Electric Scooter for sale in 2019. 

Vespa has never failed to create a buzz since it came to the market in 1946. The ease of use and steel unibody design, these key components are the main attractive features of a Vespa scooter. Moreover, you don't need to spend much compared to an electric motorcycle to have this scooter.

If you just want to roam around the city, Elettrica is the best choice. But in case you want to have a long ride, the "X" model will provide you with that. It generates gas power for covering double range. Don't burn your pocket and buy Vespa Elettrica for just €6,390 (in Europe), and $7,499 (in the USA).

Vespa Elettrica key features

  • More efficient than a 50cc scooter


Range (city): Up to 62 miles (100 km)

Top speed: TBA (30 kph in ECO mode)

Torque: 147 ft-lb (199 Nm)

Power: 5.4 hp (3.95 kWh)

Weight: TBA

Final Verdict

We have picked the top 3 best electric motorcycles and scooters, also rendered all the information regarding that. It’s your time to select the best one and go for it. For further query, drop a comment in the below box. We will revert in no time.

Let’s make your every ride memorable!