Top 4 (four) Best Multiplayer Games for Android in 2024

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Top 4 (four) Best Multiplayer Games for Android in 2024

There are so many games to choose from on Android devices, and the fact is that some people find it quite difficult to decide what is worth playing.

With thousands of games spread across various catalogs or genres, including RPG, Action, Adventure, Racing, Simulation, Puzzle, Strategy, Horror, Sports, etc.

Everything is available in online and offline mode both free and paid. Of course, this can provide options according to their respective needs.

In fact, from year to year, the Google Play library will continue to grow until we can no longer count it. However, of the many titles, there are only a handful that have become big hits and have above average quality.

Meanwhile in the process, some mobile games are taken or ported from consoles, the rest are made directly on mobile phones.

So, if you are interested in finding out and looking for references about the best the best multiplayer games for Android, then please take a look.

1. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 has probably conquered almost all popular platforms such as Nintendo DS, PC, macOS, Switch, and mobile devices.

Meanwhile, all the Asphalt series were developed directly by Gameloft Studio spread across several countries, collaborating with the help of VirtuOS from Ubisoft.

Since being launched into Android and iOS ports, it has become the most played racing game by mobile users.

Even if we look at its performance on Playstore, Asphalt 9 got 100+ million downloads and most likely it will continue to grow.

This success cannot be separated from various aspects or elements that have been increasingly improved compared to its predecessor series, namely Asphalt 7: Adrenaline and Airborne.

This can be seen in terms of realistic visual design, sound effects, and offering various challenge modes.

Apart from that, the car catalog is more complete, the control scheme is very dynamic, and the new gameplay makes anyone want to play it.

So, there is no doubt that the 9 series is the leading player in the grandest racing edition in the smartphone market today.

2. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire "FF" is an online battle type game that has emerged as the King of online Battle Royale for the last few years.

Since it was published in December 2017, its popularity has continued to soar and has now achieved 500+ million total downloads, and has not even shown any signs of slowing down.

In fact, FF has the largest community base of the exclusive fighting genre in the continents of Asia and Latin America, not Europe or the USA.

FF is more dominant in developing countries compared to developed countries. The reason is, economic differences are the main reason why South American and Asian countries are very inclined towards Free Fire.

In fact, if we pay attention, Fortnite or Call of Duty, for example, are both made for smartphone users.

However, both demand smart devices on the opposite end of the spectrum with stronger performance. In turn, the price is much more expensive.

Meanwhile, in some developing countries, someone will find it difficult to buy a premium cellphone. So, the majority of them only have cheap cellphones and Free Fire can run on any device.

In the past, famous eSports titles were only able to be played by rich people because they could afford high-end handsets. However, thanks to the presence of FF, it can satisfy the thirst of millions of people.

The key to the success of Free Fire itself cannot be separated from how well Garena as a developer understands the importance of community.

Even with a huge user base, Garena knows how to make players truly feel special.

They do this by creating unique local content for certain regions, such as Indonesia, Thailand or Brazil.

In order to continue to grow, it needs an atmosphere of healthy competition between fellow users and the global community.

3. Call of Duty: Mobile

Talking about most of the "Core" games and revolutionary ideas from past big titles, it seems like Call of Duty "COD" will probably always attract attention.

In practice, this title was a success story that was not only at launch, but the most addictive to date.

As part of improvements to previous entries, Black Ops and Modern Warfare, the series has taken over the community, industry, and fan-favorite maps in COD history.

The result of collaboration from giant Chinese vendor Tencent and Activision Studio, made it top of the performance in the first week of release.

By utilizing the power of the Unity engine for graphical enhancements, this megahit is the result of improvements to previous series.

One of the world's number 1 best graphics Android games, COD has had 100+ million downloads on Google Play in just a year.

It's not just the visuals that have made it skyrocket so quickly in the mobile market, but also because of other updates.

Thus, the developer has added new gameplay to continue the existing trajectory, such as Battle Royale and 5v5 team-based MultiPlayer.

The fun doesn't just stop there, they also included many modes like zombie Action, Deathmatch, sniper vs sniper battle, Summit Map, etc.

Even though this FPS game is a bit fat for mobile platforms in general, it was still welcomed enthusiastically by Call of Duty fans.

4. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile can be said to be Free Fire's main competitor on a Battle Royale basis. The reason is that it has generated millions of dollars, and set a record of 1.3 million users in just a year since its first launch in 2018.

This success story will continue until 2024 with 500+ million downloads on Playstore. This makes it the most valuable mobile game in history.

The statistics above are also accompanied by several unique facts which will certainly surprise us all.

Have you ever asked about the story behind the popularity of this online game from the parent franchise Bluehole, Inc from South Korea.

Rumor has it that PUBG is taken from the name and designer Brendan Greene, who often uses the tag "Player Unknown" during his online activities.

Then, with the help of Bluehole Studios, the title PlayerUnknown BattleGround was created.

The next interesting fact behind the PUBG craze is word of mouth publicity. This means that it does not invest money in any form of advertising.

Together with new breakthroughs and through a number of facts in the field, PUBG Mobile has received various awards, and even has the potential to break all records in the history of video games.