Top 5 reasons to pick Villas vs a Hotel for your holiday

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Top 5 reasons to pick Villas vs a Hotel for your holiday

Struggling with decisions on where to spend your valuable holiday break? Villas vs a Hotel?

There has been a such a dramatic increase of various types of holiday accommodation since the dawn of the century. As a result, it has become so overwhelming choosing what to rent for your precious vacation. Here we will focus mostly on the 2 most popular and important kinds of accommodation. It is very important to realise how our choice of accommodation can completely change our holiday experience for the better or worse.

For most of us, the choice between renting a villa vs a hotel will largely depend upon our budget. Unfortunately, we always fix our decision on what seems to be the cheaper option. Staying in a hotel can sometimes seem to be more budget-friendly - but is this option actually helping you save money?

1. The overall cost of villas vs a hotel.

Accommodation cost:

For a family of 4, the accommodation cost can drastically add up in a hotel. Ultimately, you would require 2 rooms for your vacation so the children can have their own space too. This will dramatically increase the cost of a week's vacation. Our villas can easily offer the space and comfort for you and your family.

Are you already seeing the benefits of staying in villas?

2. The luxury of space in villas vs a hotel

Hotel spaces are the total opposite of villas. They are often packed with other tourists competing for a lounger by the pool or a decent bar stool for a drink in the evening. They offer very little privacy and could be very noisy. The majority of people will not have the same timetable or sleeping patterns like you. Instead of having a relaxed vacation, you will finish up going home more tired than when you started out.

When you hire villas, you have an entire space to yourselves. Fully loaded kitchen, T.V. centre, large bathrooms and bedrooms. Additionally, you will use the big outdoor areas where you can loosen up, having your breakfast. You can lounge by your own pool and have a cool, refreshing dip when you need to.

3. Good quality time with friends and family in villas vs a hotel

It is a best chance to spend some great time with family and friends during your vacation. You can cook together, drink your favourite wines and catch up on each other's lives. Enjoy your breakfast by the pool while having great chat

If your teen kids want their friends to join them during their vacation, you can surprise them by renting villas so they can have their very own space.

Villas are suitable for groups as well as couples.

4. Spectacular views from villas vs a hotel.

Let's admit, when you book a hotel room you would be lucky to have a 1 x 1 sq.meter balcony for your personal use. You would be even more fortunate if you have a view of some sort without paying extra amounts. Your tiny balcony will most likely be adjacent to another room or exposed to a street outside. Most of the time will be spent in quietness so you don't disturb your neighbors. You don't wish to upset and irritate them in hope that they won't do the same to you.

5. After Holiday Experience

No matter how much we enjoy in a vacation, nobody looks forward to washing the clothes on return and folding it back into the closet. Hotel laundry service could be costly and with service taxes added can be unnecessarily expensive. Fortunately, if you stay a villa, then washing machine and dryer are at your service

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