Top 5 Unexplored Offbeat Destinations in North East India

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Top 5 Unexplored Offbeat Destinations in North East India

Traveling is the condition in which people wanna different atmosphere in which they like to something special. Several people like to exchange their places for creating some interest in their life, for example, people from abroad like to visit in NOrth India and our people like to visit abroad countries due to mortality of thoughts. In NOrth India there are several people like to visit Himachal Pradesh from different parts of countries and states of India where several kinds of beautiful places like Lahaul and Spiti which is the place which surprise the several tourists which make them happy and kind for nature mother.  


Majuli is the place which is situated at Assam on river Brahmaputra which is also known as world largest river island. Some people like to visit there to know about speciality of this place. Some family members and friends like to visit this spot where they like to enjoying with localities of this place where they like to enjoy the boating there. This place is rich in agriculture, farming and fisheries. Some people like to visit the points where they like to capture the snaps of birds which are very colourful and rare in the world. Some people like to stay in their tents for loving this place in moment of time.


Ranikhet is the place which is situated at Uttarakhand. Some people like to travel these types of places to know about them and the name of place is create excitement, feelings in the hearts of tourists to visit there. This place is situated at the height of 1689 m which is above the level of sea. In the ancient times the king Raja Sudhardev won the heart of Rani Padmini in this place where several people like to reach there due to romantic moments of their life. There is the gulf course is situated where most of the people like to reach there to participate in this sport.


Khajjiar is the place which is situated at Chamba at Himachal Pradesh. Some people are very excite for reach there. This place is also known as the mini Switzerland of India, which is slightly look like real Switzerland. This place is good for children where there is a park for playing and running here and there where some family members and groups of college friends like to reach there. There is the huge statue of Lord Hanuman and there is the lake where people like to do boating there. This is most attractive place which create affection in the visitors to visit there.


Hemis is the place which is situated at Ladakh at India. some people like to visit there from different directions of India. This place is popular for Hemis monastery where several people like family members, office staffs and collage friends like to visit there to know about his monastery. Some monks organise the session about the meditation where they like to pray god in different criteria. This monastery established at 1672 AD which is established by king Senge Nampar Gyalva. There is national park where some people like to go there for see snow leopard.


Spiti valley is the beautiful valley in whole India which is situated at Himachal Pradesh and also known as coldest desert of India. Some people like family members, collage groups and office staffs like to plan Lahaul and Spiti Valley tour packages from Thane for mentally relax and feel the blissful moments of life. This place also good for daring people where the world dangerous pass is situated. This is cool as Kunjum la pass where the temple of goddess Kunzum Davy is situated on pass which is the entering gate of pass where some people who will travel from the pass like to go there for blessings of kunzum Davy. The height of this pass is about 4590 m.