Top 6 Online Training Courses to Grow your High Paying IT Career

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Top 6 Online Training Courses to Grow your High Paying IT Career

Every career beginners to professionals looking for a career change/upgrade often feel stuck at some point pondering about “which online training courses for IT should I vouch for ---that could help in tapping on the highly paid, work-life balanced future-proofed IT job roles”. If you are one such thinker, don’t worry, because we have a list of just 6 online training courses free with certificate and job assistance ---that will help you establish a consistently growing IT career from scratch.

Ready? Let’s get started with the list!!!

Top 6 Online Training Courses with Certificate and Job Assistance - For Launching Great IT Career

Here are the 6 online personal training courses that you can approach from home, office, or elsewhere to become a skilled & certified IT professional.

1.     Salesforce Certification Course 

Salesforce promises a future-proofed IT career as by 2025, it is predicted that there will be 4.2 million jobs within the Salesforce landscape. If you want to make a career as a skilled & certified Salesforce Developer or Admin, it is best to have your knowledge honed around Salesforce products and its components. 

You should join Salesforce online training courses free with certificate and job assistance --- as it will teach you both the functions & roles of Salesforce Admin and Developer and help you bag you an annual average income ranging between $83,188 to $120,000.

Who’s hiring for Salesforce? Brands like HP, Deloitte, Barclays, Coca Cola, American Express, New York Post, and more.

2.   Business Analyst Certification Course

According to (BLS) the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the jobs in Business Analysis will increase by 21% by the year 2024 (which is 3x more the national average for other jobs).

Business Analysts (BAs) are in growing demand in branches from finance to IT to corporate management. This is another great IT field you can opt for by taking up the Business Analyst online training courses for IT --- that gives you end-to-end preparation for BA certification exam and job roles. The course will help you clear the certifications and earn a job role that pays an annual average between$79,273 to $131,315.

Who’s hiring for Business Analysts?Brands likeFedEx, Microsoft, Adobe, American Express, Netflix, Ford, Apple,and others incessantly look for BAs.

3.  Data Science Certification Course

The United States leads the market of Data Scientists and would be requiring 1,90,000 Data Scientists in the coming years - due to a lot of talent-gap. Data Science is another growing IT field whose application is extensive in diverse data-concentric work industries.

By joining Data Science online courses, you can get quick knowledge and ways to enter this growing field, and even explore more profile options as a Machine Learning Engineer, Statistician, BI Developer, Data Architect & more. And by completing the course, you can bag an annual average income of $139,546.

Who’s hiring for Data Scientists?Brands like IBM, Microsoft, timberland, Uber, Boeing are hiring for trained Data Scientists.

4.  AWS Solution Architect Course

AWS Certifications are one of the most invaluable IT certifications today we have. Out of all, AWS Solution Architect jobs are considered as one of the highest paying job roles with an annual average package between $93, 157 to $139,415.

With 83% of the enterprise workload to be shifted on the cloud, now is the best time to learn about AWS cloud services & duties of cloud solution Architect from AWS online training courses IT-based. The online courses are the best way to get helped in qualifying the AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate exam and get exposed to highly bankable AWS Solution Architect jobs.
Which brands are hiring AWS Solution Architects?Brands like JPMorgan Chase, American Express, Oracle, Accenture, XPO logistics, Netflix, and others.

5.   Artificial Intelligence Certification Course

Artificial Intelligence has a tremendously growing career outlook because of its:

  • High pay --- the annual average of AI engineers is around $114,000 per year.
  • A growing number of intriguing sub-fields like Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning.
  • Expansion in diverse career fronts --- AI engineers to Machine Learning engineers to Data Analysts to Robotics Programmers to a lot more.

AI online training courses IT-based are the best way to branch out into the AI and its subfields successfully. AI is a future-proofed field that has great demand in big IT brands like Accenture, Oracle, McKesson, Netflix, Morgan Stanley, and millions of others.   

6.   SQL Server Certification Course 

With the increasing demand for managing and modifying the data, the use of SQL servers has been growing relentlessly. And to customize and manage the server, companies are looking for professionals as SQL Server Developers and SQL Server DBAs.

Data is prone to grow no matter what, and companies will continue searching for SQL server specialists to manage and modify their databases. This is the best time to get hands-on SQL server training courses to gain the right skills & certification and become a noticeable option in the hiring market.

The SQL Server with the training & certification can rope in an average salary between $92,421 to $180,000 per year.

Who is hiring?Brands like Microsoft, American Express, Netflix, UnitedHealth Group, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, and others are hiring for SQL server specialists, year around.

Summing up on 6 Great Online Training Courses for IT!

If you have decided to give a thought to making an IT career, it’s great. The above are the 6 options for online personal training courses you can explore and select the one that matches your interests. Whichever of the above you will choose, each one will land you on a job profile that pays heavy, is future-proofed, has great work-life balance, and gives you options to switch between different profiles with ease.

Still doubtful about which one to go for? Consider taking a free demo class or career counselling from an accredited online training platform that houses all the above online training courses IT-based.