Top 7 Room Arrangement Mistakes Should be Avoid

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Top 7 Room Arrangement Mistakes Should be Avoid

It all started great but wondering what went wrong? Room decoration is not about buying everything you like or find attractive.

It happens with each one of us. You go on shopping and go crazy as- this looks perfect for my room and the list is on. Impulsive shopping is what goes wrong with your room arrangement. Everything can’t go in place. The article may look perfect of its own but not when combined or placed in your room. The reason we have courses in interior designing.

Observation, calculation, and a detailed planning of what will suit your vibe and the space in your room. Home decoration demands balance and patience. Your home is your heart, let your aesthetic speak perfectly. Take time and see what goes with what.

Online furniture stores, bloggers, and architects offer free samples and advice. Take yourself on an excursion before regretting and creating disastrous. The basic mistakes are listed below and make sure they are not repeated by you at any cost.

  1. Shop Around Your Budget

You can’t deny the fact that you always go above your budget. It is important to figure out first the modular room design you are willing to have or the wardrobe you would need to fit in all your essentials. 

Before you head towards the furniture store make sure to have a list of things you want to buy. It would be beneficial to buy online as the prices can be less and you have multiple options of items and prices available. 

Plan before and then perform.

  1. Arrangements of Accessories

Assembling your room is tough with a huge range of collections. But it is easy if you have a theme or design in mind from any online furniture store. Fix it that way. Follow different themes, options like color based arrangement, representing a different era or showing your vibrant personality. 

Grouping the accessories in proper order at one place is the easiest way to display your interior skills. Do not leave items scattered it gives an illusion of less space and no offbeat vibe.

  1. The colors

The colors of your wall are the basics before you set anything else in the room. Follow the steps which are not creating a totally hilarious display of colors giving no clue.

Do not go on coloring each wall with different colors. Let only one wall pop up your artist side. It looks sleek and grabs the attention of the viewer. The colors need to be contrasting and complementing at the same time. 

Seek advice from architects or read blogs online furniture stores. Each color has a symbol and theme to present be specific with colors. If the colors are correct they will enhance the accessories you put in.

  1. Fabrics and Textiles

 The most common and repeated mistake one makes is through choosing the textiles of sofa, bedsheet, rugs, curtains, and table cloth. 

If your wall painting went too dull or simply even disastrous the fabrics and textiles will save you. If you are very bad or have no idea about how to match. Fix your budget and buy the fabric of your interest in all the accessories that you will place in the room. Give it a rough look and pick the paintbrush.

The designs and colors will help you feel the room as your own. Make sure the curtains are not too short or chunky in design.

  1. Arranging the Sofas

Sofa, furniture or couch anything you choose will have a fixed place in the room for a long run. It will occupy space and is surely visible to everyone. 

Don’t turn your sofa against the wall or make it a garden with all the vase around. 

Place the furniture at the place that it is not a barrier in your walk at your home. Do not overstuff decorative items and put some light lighting around.

  1. Turn the lights on

Living room, bedroom or the kitchen each room demands a different light and different at different time periods of the day.  Giving your room a perfect decoration and having enough light will is a murder of all the efforts. 

Buy bulbs, night lamps, or chandeliers that enhance the look with not only its design but the light it spreads adorns the room.

  1. Wardrobe 

Wardrobe is a must. Do not go on buying huge and expensive wardrobe online. Instead, go on wardrobe excursions online or to your local furniture stores. Buy a wardrobe that takes less space and provides you with more racks and shelves to fit all the essentials in one go. 

If possible put lights in your wardrobe. You can find these wardrobes online or get it customized from furniture stores online.


Home is your personality. Before you decorate or maintain speaks a lot about your personality. Understand the interior design, talk to your friends, architects, or read online blogs or watch videos before you jump in. 

Homebuilding is a once in a living thing. It has to be done with love, effort, and money. So, does your room decoration demands.Before you jump into the field of mastery without any planning sit back and relax and plan. Each item requires a different setting and arrangement so let your heart listen to your mind also while building your home.