Top benefits of collagen-peptide supplementation for women

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Top benefits of collagen-peptide supplementation for women

Are you aware of the benefits of peptide supplementation for women? If not then this article can be very informative for you. Stay tuned with us to know how this peptide supplementation for womenis helpful for your skin hairs and nails.

What is collagen?

 Collagen is the only protein that is present in our body in abundance. It is the most important building block that makes up 30% of the protein in our body. It works efficiently in the regeneration of our connective tissues including ligaments, skin, tendons, bones, and cartilages. So, we can say that collagen is the glue that holds up our body in a perfect frame. Here is the distribution of collagen in our body (distribution by weight ratio of dry mass):

•    Skin- 75%

•    Tendons- 85%

•    Bones- 90%

•    Ligaments- 70%

•    Joint cartilages- 70%

•    Tendinous muscles- 6%

So, this describes well how important is collagen for our body. Now let’s get towards to the benefits of having this peptide supplementation for women. 

Benefits of collagen- a polypeptide supplementation for women:

1. Improves skin health:

As discussed earlier, collagen is the main component of skin forming about 75% of skin tissues. Collagen plays a vital role in providing strength, elasticity, and hydration to the skin. As you grow older, your body starts producing less collagen, leading to dry skin and the formation of wrinkles in women. 

However, you can reverse it by taking proper peptide supplementation. Research has shown that women who took peptide supplements containing 2.5–5 grams of collagen for eight weeks experienced less dryness in the skin and an increase in skin elasticity as compared to women who did not take the supplement. 

2. Prevents bone loss in women:

As we know bones are made up of collagen that keeps them in structure and provides strength to stay strong. Bone mass deteriorates with age due to significant loss of collagen from the body. 

This is why women mostly face problems like osteoporosis in their late 40s and 50s. Osteoporosis is characterized by the low bone density that leads to a high risk of bone fractures in women. Consuming peptide supplementation can help in reducing the risk of osteoporosis in women by increasing bone mineral density.

3. Promotes a healthy heart:

Collagen supplements reduce the risk of heart-related conditions. Insufficient collagen makes arteries weak and fragile. Collagen helps in by providing a proper structure to arteries so that they can efficiently carry blood from the heart to other body organs. Studies have shown that people who did not take peptide supplementation were at a greater risk of atherosclerosis. It is a condition of narrowing of the arteries leading to heart attack and strokes. 

Other health benefits of peptide supplementation in women:

•    Brain health: Collagen improves brain health. Other than that it has also shown significant results in improving mood and reducing the symptom of anxiety in both men and women.

•    Hairs and nails: Collagen increases the strength of nails and prevents brittleness and may stimulate the growth of hairs and nails in the body.  

Foods rich in collagen: 

These are the foods that have an ample amount of collagen in them:

•    Chicken

•    Pork

•    Beef

•    Fish

•    Bone broth, etc.

Several foods like animal foods and bone broth contain a good amount of collagen. However, they are not readily absorbed in our body. Peptide supplements rich in collagen have already been broken or hydrolyzed due to which they are more efficiently absorbed by our body as compared to the collagen present in food.

Conclusion: Peptide supplementation is very beneficial for women as it promotes good heart health, improves brain health and is super effective in maintaining bone mineral density. Other than that it helps in the growth of nails and hairs and shows anti-aging results. We hope after this article, women will take their collagen seriously. Leave your comments and queries below and do let us know what were the results of using collagen supplementation on you.