Travel Around The World - Become A Travel Master With These Tips

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Travel Around The World - Become A Travel Master With These Tips

The love for travel comes from within, and from some amazing road experiences that you might have had in the past. If you wish to pursue travel consistently, you need to have some pro-tips at hand and some international travel deals that can help you get the best bang for your buck.

You tend to learn more having made some mistakes and this learning while travelling would come at the cost of missed flights, or busses, having to run to catch a bus, pre-arranging transport, aligning your check in and check out timings at the airport and more.

To gain more travel knowledge from the experienced ones, you can go through a few top travel guide books that are widely available in the market. Some of the hand picked travel guide books preferred world wide by international travel guides are :

1. Lonely Planet

2. Frommer's

3. Rick steves

4. Moon

5. Zagat

But once the travel bug has stung you, and you have enough experience on your hands of having travelled a few places, having read some of the above travel guide books and more, you will be easily navigating through the airports, and mingling with the new people in this  foreign land you have come to explore.

The following tips should help you save up, travel efficient and be street smart about roaming and exploring a new place.

1. Pack only bare essentials - personal ones

If you are out travelling to the hills or the beaches, carry as light of your baggage as possible. But make sure you pack your personal items such as - a fresh towel or (s), a pack of undergarments, 2 t-shirts, a pajama and a jeans that will not require any washing anytime soon, also pack a pair of socks in case you have to cross over a stream. You can re-wear your t-shirts and pajamas, just carry some deodorant. Packing light is great, but omitting things you can borrow when you get to your destination or things that you can get at your destination as well might not be needed to be lugged around. So stay smart and keep your luggage light.

2. Only carry a rucksack

Avoid carrying any extra bags other than just one. Make sure the bag, if preferably rucksack, it should be accommodative of any extra and emergency items you might be carrying such as water bottle, water, a knife, et al. A backpack with the capacity of 35 to 40 liters should suffice for a sole travellers. Carrying a small bag is emphasised here because this will help you overcome and completely negate the tendency of filling up your travel bag. The small bag, the lesser your chances of having to lug around more stuff and regret it later. So trick yourself into packing less by simply getting a smaller, more conventional backpack.

3.  Align your money

If you are not sure about the money situation at the destination where you are going, you should read travel guide books and blogs of first hand travellers to get a good understanding of the same. You do not want to be in a sticky situation and should always have a back up considering all possible scenarios of you losing your card or money and not being stuck in a bad situation. Keep a backup debit or credit card and keep your cash as secured as possible. You should always carry an extra debit card for your intern linked accounts, just in case. This will help you avoid situations where you have to phone your friends and family to borrow or send money, and ruining the whole experience of being able to travel.