Uphold the Beauty of Contrast in Your Kitchen Space with These 5 Effective Ways

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Uphold the Beauty of Contrast in Your Kitchen Space with These 5 Effective Ways

Contrast is God’s own plan to enhance the beauty of his creation. And today, more than ever, the nature of contrast is being used to uplift kitchen décor in immensely appealing ways. Design elements, especially, kitchen cabinets are being used to a large extent to incorporate contrast in a kitchen space. And in this blog, we shall be discussing how you too can give your kitchen this great addition.

Here we shall be talking about how you can use wood and white to showcase contrast in your kitchen décor. There are various ways to do this. And each of these ways gives your kitchen a unique look that is sure to give your guests a masterpiece to wonder at.

Here are 5 ways in which you can add contrast to your kitchen with the help of kitchen cabinets:

  1. An upper & lower contrast:This involves dividing your kitchen into two separate halves. One is the upper cabinets and the other is the lower cabinets. This gives you two options to choose from. One is, you can go for cherry wood cabinetsfor the lower cabinetry and antique white kitchen cabinets for the upper cabinetry. The other, is the vice-versa i.e., antique white cabinets for the upper and cherry wood ones for the upper. This is one of the most opted-for designs of kitchen décor due to its simple yet attractive appeal.

  2. Cabinets contrast with other kitchen aspects:This involves having both the upper and lower sections of the kitchen inwhite kitchen cabinets. Where you can incorporate the wooden finish are the kitchen island, the open shelves and the fixtures like knobs, pulls and others. For the kitchen island cabinetry, go for cherry kitchen cabinets. This will further help in boosting the contrasting nature, which will uphold the décor in a better manner.
  3. Same finish for cabinets and flooring with a contrasting countertop:A great way to showcase your kitchen is to have the same finish for cabinets and flooring e.g. cherry wood kitchen cabinets and cherry wood flooring.While this merges the two aspects in a beautiful manner, opting for a white marble countertop provides the perfect contrast. Another way to do this is to go for white kitchen cabinets,and white tiles for flooring while having a cherry wood waterfall countertop. Either of these works a great deal in giving your kitchen the perfect contrast that enhances the décor.
  4. A Contrasting island:For those of you who have a kitchen island, a great way to add contrast is to create a difference in finish between the island and the wall cabinets. The fact that these two are very prominent aspects in the kitchen, giving them a contrast will not require anything else as far as the design is concerned. One way to do this is by opting for cherry wood cabinets for the island cabinetry while having awhite kitchen cabinet design for the wall cabinetry. Moreover, the kitchen island, being at the center of the kitchen, acts as a contrasting showpiece for the entire kitchen.

  5. A contrasting backsplash:An underrated aspect, the backsplash, plays a very significant role in upholding your kitchen décor. If you have upper cherry wood cabinets, then you can go for a backsplash with a white finish e.g. porcelain or ceramic. The other way around, if you have white upper cabinets, get yourself a wooden finish for the backsplash. Either way, a contrasting backsplash is enough to give your kitchen a wholesome contrasting nature to your kitchen.

Contrasting kitchen décor is one of the most trending designs today. A distinct departure from an all-white kitchen, the mix of both dark and light i.e. wood and white is what is being opted for. The 5 above points will help you give your guests the perfect contrast décor to admire.