Useful tips to grow your plant properly in your garden

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Useful tips to grow your plant properly in your garden

If you want your vegetables and plants to be healthy, you need to properly take care of them. With proper care and attention, all types of plants, whether indoor or outdoor, will thrive happily. If you are thinking of buying some plants from the market or have ordered indoor plants online, then you should be ready to take out some time for them. Every task of your daily life needs time, and thus, gardening also requires some time. However, you will not regret spending time with your plants as you are going to get hopeful results. Therefore, you should not consider it a wastage of time. There are some tips and techniques which are essential for all types of plants 

How can you prune your plant for its desired growth?

Some parts of the plant are cut to give it a proper design. If any of your plants have not shown any growth, cutting the same would stimulate its growth. If you want your plant to grow from the center and vertically, then you should chop off the side branches. Similarly, if you want to promote the side growth of your plant, then the branches that are in its center. 

How can you give water to your plants?

Plants should be given water regularly, but you should not overwater your plants. Excess water in the soil can damage the roots of a plant. If the soil is already moist, then it means it does not need water. There some plants which do need much water, and these plants are called succulents. It is completely alright if the soil of these plants is dry, and you should not worry about it. 

While watering plants, you should take care of small plants because you should gently water them. You can buy any water sprinkler online or can make it at home by reusing plastic bottles or empty cold drink bottles. It is our responsibility to reuse plastic that comes to our homes for reducing plastic waste. For making a sprinkler out of a plastic bottle, you need to simply make holes on the lid of that bottle, and you can sprinkle water through these holes after filling the bottle with water. You should be careful that you do not damage the leaves or stem of a plant by splashing water on them. The best time to give water to your plants is early morning. You should not water your plants in the evening time as these will remain in moist soil for the whole night. The water drops evaporate in the morning because of the heat of the sun in the morning, so your plants need water in the morning time not at night.

 If you have planted a new plant, then you should give more water to it for the initial period. For example, if you have sown seeds of some plants, you should water them daily for initial days. 

What kind of pots should you use for your plants?

If you are growing plants in pots, then you should make sure that there should be drainage holes in it. For bigger plants, there should be more holes. You can use any container for growing plants by making holes in it. With the help of any sharp tool, you can make holes in your container. 

If you are growing seedlings, then pots of small size should be used. Your seedlings can die in big pots. In small containers, small plants can easily make up their roots. However, in big pots making roots can be difficult for them. You can reuse plastic cups that you get when buying groceries. 

You should use the kind of pots which can be easily handled. Material like plastic is easy to carry, and you should better use the pots of plastic. You do not have to purchase plastic pots. Instead, you can make your own DIY pots using extra plastic bottles or cans at your home. Sometimes you need to place your plants indoors or at some other place in order to protect them from extreme cold or hot weather. You can easily lift these pots when you want to change the position of your plants. 

When to use fertilizers for your plants?

The nutrition of soil can decrease after some time, so it should be given nutrients in the form of fertilizers from time to time. Plants that are grown in gardens can be given fertilizers once in a month but those who are in pots need to be provided fertilizers more frequently. Owing to limited soil in pots, the amount of nutrition is also less. Therefore it should be given fertilizers twice a month. You should put twenty percent of fertilisers of soil and should put in the soil when it is not wet. You should buy some natural fertilisers also if you are doing the shopping of plants online. One should avoid using chemical fertilizers. 

How should you clean your plants?

There can be weeds near your plants, which can halt the growth of your plants. You should regularly weed your plants. You can use a mulch to stop further growth of any of these plants. Mulch is also used to protect the plants from extreme weather conditions like frost. 

How to provide support to some of your plants?

Some plants which grow like vines should be given support with the help of sticks. Plants that are grown outside need extra care as these can be harmed during natural calamities like hailstorms.